Monday, July 12, 2010

Recipe Review: Cake in a Mug

I'm so excited, because this is my first recipe that I get to give you feedback on!!

I found this recipe for Cake in a Mug on the Weight Watchers message boards. You see, it is just my husband and I, so I am always looking for single serving recipes. It takes us quite a while to eat an entire cake, if I bake one. Not to mention, a baked cake sitting on my kitchen counter tempts me like crazy. I was thrilled when I discovered this recipe! My schedule is pretty busy and at the end of the day I want to be able to make a dessert that is quick and easy. I've been eating chocolate Cake in a Mug several times a week. But, I have also had strawberry flavored Cake in a Mug which is just as good.

When you make Cake in a Mug make sure your mug is a good size, because if the mug is too small the cake will spill over when it is cooking. I spray the inside of my mug with butter flavored Pam, so that the cake does not get stuck on the mug. You also have to make sure that you stir the cake mix with the water that the mix becomes completely moist. After a minute in the microwave you have a cup full of hot cake. It's like magic! You can top your cake off with some Free Cool Whip if you like. The mug gets hot, so be careful, If you prefer, you can dump the cake out onto a plate instead of eating it out of the mug. Just make sure that you wash your mug immediately or fill it with water so that it is not impossible to clean later.

I even told my co-workers about this recipe and they love it. This past Friday we all had Cake in a Mug, it was so much fun! I hope you enjoy this as much as I do. Have you tried this recipe? What do you think?

. . . . . . . . . .

Cake in a Mug

1 pkg. Angel Food Cake Mix
1 Pkg. Any flavor Cake mix

Put both dry cake mixes in a plastic bag and mix together well.

Put 1/3 cup mix in a cup and add 3 tablespoons cold water. Stir well. Microwave 1 minute. = 3 points, 150 cal/0.75g fat per cupcake

Put 1/4 cup mix with 2 tablespoons of water. Microwave on high for one minute = 2 points


KellyRickels said...

my MIL and I did this and LOVE it :)

The Newsham's said...

:) Great! The possiblities are endless with the recipes so there is always plenty of family fun to be had.

Holly said...

I tried this cake recipe and it really is good, but my question is are points calculated with the new PointsPlus2012 program? I did the calculations and got higher 'PP' values.

Living a Changed Life said...

Holly - This was posted when the old Weight Watchers plan was in place, points. It would be a higher value now with PointsPlus. I would go with the calculations you got.

DarkNiteV said...

What are the PointsPlus calculations you got for this?

DarkNiteV said...

What are the PointsPlus calculations you got for this?

Kate said...

Oh, that sounds so good and so easy! I'm not on Weight Watchers, but I'm currently pregnant and looking for new quick tasty snack ideas for when I get a dessert craving. I think this sounds like a great idea!


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