Tuesday, November 10, 2009


This is it the ultimate goal that I have been working towards over the last 13 months...Lifetime. This is what weight watchers calls it when you reach your goal and maintain your goal weight for 6 weeks. I did it!! I have graduate into my new life at my new weight. I still plan on attending my weight watchers meetings, but now I do not have to pay. God is so faithful!!

This is me this morning getting ready for the day.

Me and my big pants

Flowers from Janet, She is just amazing!! Aren't they pretty!!

This is me at my weigh-in!! I did it!! She's writing it down in my book. This is the last entry, because they gave me a new book now that I am lifetime!

This is at the end of my meeting, durning the time they give out awards. I received "the key to weight watchers". Linda decided to show off my big pants.

Picture time!! This is Anna and I. I would still be wearing those big pants if it wasn't for her. :) Thank you!

This is my friend Amanda. She is also my Tuesday weight watchers leader and 5K buddy. She brought me balloons and so much encouragement. Thank you!!

This is Karla and I. We are newer weight watchers buddies, but I look forward to the day that I can celebrate lifetime with her!!

This is Linda and I. Linda is my Monday weight watchers leader. If you need a recipe for anything this woman has it. She is such a great resource! Thank you for all of your support!!

This is me with my weight watchers leaders. Over the course of the 13 months I have been on weight watchers I actually had 5 leaders! These two are my favorite...don't tell.

My biggest supporter, my husband. I could not have done this without him. He gave my health and lifestyle to God in prayer long before I knew I needed help. Thank you for going to the source and the one that changes our hearts!!

Finally, me with the balloons Amanda gave me!!


Unknown said...

Congrats! You are a living testimony! This is phenomenal and very encouraging!! I've been discouraged the past couple weeks, but your faith in God and your lifestyle is very encouraging! Keep up the great work! Congrats on 2nd baby! That's another blessing!

Unknown said...

What a phenomenal testimony you have! Congratulations! That is awesome! Yes God helped, but you partnered with him and CHOSE to live a healthier life! Way to go! Very encouraging and inspirational! I've been discouraged for the past couple weeks but because of your faith in God and your motivation, this really helps me get back into the game. It also helps that losing weight isn't just for the beauty, but also affects us all mentally, spiritually- so this is great! Thanks! CONGRATS ON BABY GIRL #2 ALSO! ANOTHER BLESSING! I'M A FIRST TIME MOMMY OF A BOY WHO'S ALMOST 7 MONTHS! MY MIRACLE BABY! SO I SHARE IN THE JOY!


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