Monday, May 16, 2011

Pieces of Our Weekend

It was such an awesome weekend! We had so many different things going on this weekend, but I did my best to take pictures to give you a sampling of everything we did!

On Friday night, right after work Jon and I went to participate in my 3rd Weight Watchers 5K.
This is the t-shirt we had made for this year's 5K. 

We used chalk to draw the starting line.

Jon came too! This is the first year that he has been able to participate! I was so glad he came.

I was trying to help get people signed in.

Jon and I before the 5K started.

Amanda had to use her $3.00 megaphone so that people could her what she was saying!

We used streamers that people had a fun time breaking through at the beginning of the race.

There they go!
The night was such a huge success! There were over 239 people who came out to participate in this 5K.

On Saturday morning, I worked my monthly Weight Watchers meeting and came home to clean my house in preparation for visitors that we were going to have that evening. We had volunteered to house two girls from the California Baptist choir that was scheduled to perform at our church on Sunday morning.
I did all of our laundry!

I baked Cinnamon and Sugar Donut Muffins, for our guests that we were expecting.

Finally, at 10pm we went to the church to pick up our girls, Brittany and Stephanie. When we got there they were setting everything up for the big production.

On Sunday morning, during breakfast I got online to find my newspaper article online! I took a picture of it, because it was on the main page of the newspaper's website.

I was so excited that I read it out loud to Jon, Brittany, and Stephanie. To check it out, click here.

We then headed off to church where the students from the California Baptist University choir and orchestra lead the Sunday morning service. The service was incredible! We were so excited to be able to watch them perform. It was also a pleasure getting to know Brittany and Stephanie while they stayed at our house!

After church we went to lunch with some friends and tried to hunt down some copies of the Tyler newspaper! We went to three different stores before we were able to find the right newspaper. There were only three newspapers left and we bought them all.

The cashier at Wal-mart asked us if we knew that we were buying three copies of the same newspaper. We told her that this was no mistake and that we needed three copies, because I was in the newspaper. She did not believe me until I flipped to the health and fitness section. On the first page of the section was my pictures and story! She couldn't believe that the woman in the newspaper was really me!
click here.
I was on the first page of the health and fitness section!!

When we finally made it back home I just had to take some pictures of myself with the article!

After our traditional Sunday afternoon nap, we went flying with some of our friends. Jon had some extra flight hours to use and we thought it would be a fun way to hangout with John and Elise. Jon is an awesome pilot and we had such a great time!
Me, Jon, Elise, & John


Marlene said...

Jen, I had to smile when I read your post this morning. My daughter's best friend and her husband are traveling with the Cal Baptist choir right now! Congraratulations on the newspaper article and isn't it a small world!?!

Jen Newsham said...

Marlene - That is so cool!! It is such a small world. They were amazing. It brought me to tears. Thanks for sharing!!


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