Monday, November 11, 2013

Slowing Down


"You cannot change your destination overnight, but you can change your direction overnight."
- Jim Rohn
I am a very faster eater. Maybe it's because I am the oldest of five siblings and in my family food went quickly. You had to get what you wanted or you didn't get anything at all. However, I am beginning to learn that even though I could win a food eating contest, this is not the best habit to help me maintain my healthy lifestyle.

When I went to visit my family, I spent some time with my Mom and Grandma. While at my Grandma's house, I noticed how slowly she eats her food. You can't blame it on her age, because as long as I can remember she has always been a very slow eater. I couldn't help but think that I would like to be just like her, but don't know how.

Thankfully, the Weight Watchers routine of the month for November is to Slow Down! More specifically, you are to "put your fork down and sip water in between bites". I am so excited to begin to try this routine and to learn to eat my food more slowly.

Some of you might hesitate to try this new routine, but let's look at some of the benefits you get when you slow down your eating.

1. Research shows that "people ate 10% fewer calories when they dialed down their pace than when they scarfed down their food". Who would be sad about consuming fewer calories? Not very many of you. In the long run, eating more slowly can help you achieve your weight loss goals!

2. You will have a happier digestive tract! Eating too quickly can lead to gas and heartburn. People who spend more time eating their meals are less likely to suffer from issues like those.

3. Feeling more satisfied is another good reason to slow down your eating habits.

Finally, here are a few tips to help you slow down when dining.

1. Take it all in. Engage all your sense. How does the food look and smell? Anticipate that first taste and really savor each mouthful as you go.

2. Eat frequently. Don't let me than four hours go by between meals, so you aren't famished when you sit down to eat.

3. Reflect on what you would do differently next time. How could you better prepare?

What will it take for you to slow down this week?
Commit to trying this for just one meal and see what kind of difference it makes for you!
For more tips, please visit the Weight Watchers website.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Learning to Accept Help


A few weeks back, my friend's Mom, Diane, offered to help me clean my house. Diane said that she would be willing to clean my house every other week and help me with whatever needed to be done around my house.

I'm not going to lie to you that it took me several weeks to warm up to the idea. I am such a proud and it is hard for me to accept help from others, especially when I know that I could clean my house on my own. After wavering back and forth over what I would do, I finally talked to Jon and he encouraged me to contact Diane and accept her offer.

So, reluctantly I texted Diane and asked if her offer was still good. Almost immediately, Diane called me back. She was thrilled that I had gotten a hold of her in order to take her up on her offer. We talked and decided that yesterday would be the perfect day for her to come by and deep clean my house.

I was so nervous all morning waiting for Diane to arrive at my house. It was raining pretty hard and I wanted to call her to try to back out of all of this. Then after Diane arrive, it was so hard to sit in my house and focus on my work while someone else cleaned up my mess.

Do you know what? I survived. It did not kill me to accept help from another person. To be perfectly honest, I felt so blessed yesterday, after Diane left my house. I am so thankful to this woman for being willing to serve me and my family in this incredible way.

Do you know what else? Diane will be back in two weeks to help me again! I hope and pray that every time she comes to my house, I will become more willing to accept help from others.

What about you? Do you willingly accept help from others? What areas in your life you need to begin to accept help from those around you?

For me, it was all about my dirty floors, but maybe for you it's regarding your weight loss journey. Or maybe you need to accept someone's offer to be your workout buddy. Or maybe you need to ask your family to begin to help support your new healthier lifestyle.

So let's not wait any long!! The time to learn to accept help from those around us is now!!

As my husband said, "Praise God there are people our there willing to help stubborn people like us".

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Stepping Down


Some of you might follow my Twitter @jennewsham. If so, you saw me tweet this over the weekend, "Made an announcement at my #weightwatchers meeting today. More details to come....". If you've been waiting for "more details to come..." that time is now!!

For several months now, I've been feeling the Lord laying it upon my heart to give up a few things at this time. With the upcoming arrival of my second child, I have been forced to reevaluate my schedule to see what needs to go and what can stay.

When all was said and done, my husband and I decided that it would be best for me to step down from leading my Saturday morning Weight Watchers meeting. I am sad to say that I will lead my last Weight Watchers meeting on November 23rd.

I have had the most incredible Weight Watchers members come through my meetings!! I am thankful for each and everyone of them!!

This is not the end for me and Weight Watchers.

I will continue to work for Weight Watchers as a receptionist and as a leader if ladies need a sub.

I hope and pray that this is not something that I have to give up forever. I love being a Weight Watchers leader and hope that I will be able to have the honor of leading my own meeting again in the future.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

My New Favorite...Greek Yogurt

I went to my doctor's appointment yesterday. I am excited to share that both myself and Sophie are healthy and doing well! Today, I am 32 weeks pregnant and time just keeps slipping away from us as this time of year tends to do.

One of the greatest discoveries that I have made throughout my pregnancy has been my new found love for...

Greek Yogurt

I'm sure it will shock many of you to hear me admit that up until two months ago I did not like Greek yogurt at all. My go to yogurt has always been Yoplait Light Yogurt, because it is delicious and just 2 pointsplus+.


Everything changed for me this past September when I went to visit my Mom, who is on her own weight loss journey, and found out that she enjoys Greek yogurt almost everyday! After I arrived home from my trip, I was determined to give Greek yogurt another chance. I bought three different brands and three different flavors of Greek yogurt to try. I also got some Special K granola to add to my yogurt, because I thought that might help me like it a little bit better than if it was just plain.

To my surprise and delight, I feel head of heels for Greek yogurt. It is a wonderful source of protein that really helps me to stay full for hours. I've tried all different flavors in the last few months, but I have to say that right now the Chobani Apple Cinnamon is my favorite.


Do you like Greek yogurt? What are your favorite brands and flavors?

If you have never tried Greek yogurt, I would encourage you to give it a chance. It is always nice to have a wide variety of healthy food choices that we enjoy, so we do not get bored with the foods that we are eating.


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