Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Recipe Review: Meat Sauce

Everyone says that, marriage is about compromise. These compromises must take place as you bring two entirely different people together into one family. But what are the things that couples have to come to agreements about? For Jon and I, one of the major differences between our families is their choice in spaghetti sauce.

My family lived off of spaghetti and sauce. It was cheap and would feed a lot of people, which was perfect growing up. Mom was always careful to buy the sauce that was on sale, that we could get for a good price. In most cases Mom would end up buying Hunt's Spaghetti sauce. Throughout my weight loss journey I have continued to eat Hunt's, because so of their flavors are zero points for 1/2 cup. I always have it on hand just in case I need it.

Jon's family values quality. In his family it is all about their homemade meat sauce. Jon is so picky when it comes to spaghetti sauce that he would rather make his own instead of buying it from the store. I am very thankful that Jon introduced me their family meat sauce, because it is so good!!

Last week Jon made meat sauce and I knew this would be the perfect time to write a recipe review for it. Here is the link for the recipe for Meat Sauce.

We use lean ground beef, however you can use whatever kind of meat that you prefer.

Here are some of the ingredients for the sauce. But I do not want you to be fooled, Jon is a chef and does not always follow a recipe. So, sometimes he adds additional spices to the sauce, because on what type of flavor he is looking for.

Just let everything simmer for a while and really let the flavors come together.

We like penne noodles, but you can make any kind of noodles you want.

The finished product! It is so yummy!! Like I said, Jon usually makes the sauce a little on the spicy side. It's okay, because of the sugar added to the sauce. It has that great sweet and spicy flavor. The best part is that we had a lot of sauce leftover for next time.

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