Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Recipe Review: Coconut Shrimp

Before you read this review it is important that you meet my husband Jon. Now that you have been formally introduced I can continue.

I was in a foul mood last night at my Weight Watchers meeting. Not only did I gain 2.6 pounds, but Aunt Flow dropped in which is never a pleasant visit...yuck! At my meeting, I went along with my regular routine and text my husband, Jon, to let him know how my weigh-in went. I told him about my discouragement and frustration, because I was expecting to have a better week then I did.

Jon, being the most incredible husband ever, asked what I would like for dinner. He knew that by making dinner it would be a huge help to me, and it was!! I told him that I was planning to make Coconut Shrimp and sent him the recipe. So I may not have made this recipe, but I ate it and it was good!!

Here is the link to the recipe for the Recipe Review this week.
Coconut Shrimp Recipe

This is another recipe that I found on the Weight Watchers message boards. I am not kidding when I say that those ladies have the best recipes!! Jon said that it was very easy to make and he just followed the instructions. Be sure you really spray the pan with cooking spray, because the shrimp really got stuck to the pan. It was hard to only eat one serving!

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Mrs. O said...

Good morning Jennifer!

I'm sorry that you ahd a frustrating weigh in yesterday! Don't forget how far you've come! You are amazing and an inspiration to many! Keep doing what you're doing!

By the way, I linked a recent post of yours on my blog...come check it out!

Mrs. O


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