Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My Crazy Week

It has been such a crazy week so far and it is only Wednesday!! We have lost power at least three times in three days. I also had meetings Monday and Tuesday at work.

I live in East Texas and for the last two weeks we have had temperatures consistently over 100 degrees. Sunday night when Jon and I got home from Bible study our power was out. We had such a hard time sleeping in the heat without any fans or air conditioning. I was not going to open the windows because then the bugs will get in. So needless to say our sleep was restless at best. The power final came back on around 3:30am and we were so thankful to have the air conditioning on once again.

We lost power again Monday, while Jon and I were at work. Then we lost power Monday night. I woke up late, because my alarm clock was off and my phone had died! I called the electric company and they said that the power was going out, because of overheating. So my hope is that the weather will cool down and that we will not lose power again for a very long time.

Monday and Tuesday I have been attending meetings and training sessions for work. I am so tired of sitting in a room for hours on end and not being able to stand up and walk around. However, I am here to report a victory! At each meeting we had food provided for us. Way too much food! Just because we have a morning meeting does not mean we need to have a buffet set up, who really needs to eat that much in the morning? I don’t. While everyone else was eating cookies and other snack I resisted and only ate the snacks I had brought with me! I even made sure that I was sitting as far away from the snacks as possible. I’m so proud of myself for displaying such self-control. It is not easy, but I am making my best effort.

Quick Weigh-in Report:
Last week to told you that I was extremely frustrated with my weight gain of 2.6, which put me up to 138.8. However, I weighed in at my Weight Watchers meeting yesterday and I lost almost everything I gained last week! I lost 2.4 and am back down to 136.4! My hard work paid off this week. I was very careful to track almost everything I ate this week. I also had meetings at work on Monday and Tuesday, but I was able to control myself and did not over indulge.


Mrs. O said...

Congrats on your weigh in! I'm going to work MUCH harder this week. I'm ashamed at the -0.6lbs in two weeks! Ugh! You have re-inspired me!
Mrs. O

Jennifer said...

Thanks! Any weight loss should be celebrated. I can't wait to hear about how well you do next week!!


Dawn said...

Hard work does pay off! Great job keeping it up and getting it off. The weight gain sure is frustrating, but even more frustrating is letting it slide and gaining even more. Great job!

Jennifer said...

Thanks for the encouragement!!


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