Friday, April 9, 2010

Weight Watchers Contest Essay

Today is the last day that Weight Watchers “Role Model of the Year Contest” entries can be received. That being said I want to share the essay that I wrote for the contest with you.

Weight Watchers “Role Model of the Year Contest” Essay

About five years ago, my parents were separated and began a very long divorce process. I had always been overweight. But, it was during that time that I let my weight spiral out of control. It was like I had gone from being overweight to obese in the blink of an eye. “How could I let this happen?” I would think to myself. Ashamed and disgusted with what I had become, I simply chose to live in denial.

Over the next several years, I would try diets that promised success if I stuck to their rigid meal plans. These efforts only resulted in more anger and frustration, which I directed at myself and those around me. In the fall of 2008, I went to the doctor because of a sinus infection. The doctor ran tests and informed me that I had borderline high cholesterol and high blood pressure. At that moment, I knew something must change. I did not want to be this person for the rest of my life.

I clung to my faith, and God was faithful to be my source of strength throughout this entire process. God used Weight Watchers to radically change my life. I no longer have borderline high cholesterol and high blood pressure. The most unexpected change that has taken place in my life is that now I am a runner. I went from barely being able to walk a mile without complaining to running a 5K, which was truly one of the proudest moments of my life.

There are many reasons why I should be the Weight Watchers Role Model of the Year, but I am going to tell you about three of them.

First, I have made myself a priority. This was hard and continues to be challenging, but is vital to my health.

Second, I am an example that perseverance pays off. Many times, I struggled with thoughts of doubt as my life remained stressful. I was unsure about whether or not I would make it to goal. However, I decided in the beginning that no matter how long it took, I would lose my weight—and I did.

Finally, I am an inspiration to those around me. I have become a woman that many people look to for encouragement, guidance, and motivation. This is a daily source of accountability for me while I continue working to maintain my weight loss.

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