Thursday, April 22, 2010

New Glasses

Last week I posted an email from Dr. Jacobs about Eye Exams. It really was perfect timing, because when I received the email from Dr. Jacobs I had just made my appointment with the eye doctor. Everything is good and healthy, which is comforting to know.

After my exam, I was charged with the enormous task of trying to pick out a new pair of glasses. It was completely overwhelming at first. I tried on about a hundred frames and some of them I tried on multiple times. My husband, Jon, was there to offer his opinion, which I highly value. It was funny, because I thought I had found the glasses I wanted, so I began to pick out sunglasses. After choosing my sunglasses, rather effortlessly, I realized that I was not satisfied with the regular glasses I had chosen so I went out for round 2.

After an hour of shopping I found the perfect frames for me. I should be able to get them in about a week or more and I am so excited!


Everyday Glasses

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