Monday, April 11, 2011

Reaching Your Fitness Goals


Here is the Meeting Summary from April 5, 2011.

I am super proud to announce that Weight Watchers has officially launched its 3rd annual Walk !t Challenge. This program is designed to help all of our members start to strive to reach their fitness and activity goals. We encourage you to do that by participating in a 5k walk. In the meeting room this week you all received a Walk !t challenge pamphlet. In that pamphlet it has a step by step training guide to help you build up to being able to walk and complete a 5k. You will also find a coupon for 30% off a pair of sketchers shape ups and a $5.00 off coupon on our weight watchers pedometers (the only pedometers that calculate activity pp values earned)!

In honor of this Walk !t Challenge, we are hosting our 2nd annual Starlight 5k Night! This is an exclusive weight watchers 5k for members and their families. You will not have to worry about those hard core athletes that will push and run you over. We have invited weight watcher members from the surrounding areas to all come together to complete a 5k walk. Now a 5k is just 3.1 miles. Many of you are already walking more than that on a daily basis!

Last year we had over 100 participants join us in our night time 5k stroll and this year we hope to do just as well or better!

Now let’s talk about 5 ways to get to your fitness goals whatever they may be!

Wherever you want to be with your fitness, from a daily stroll to a marathon, you need to set achievable goals along the way.

What's your fitness goal? Running a marathon? Participating in a 5k? Lifting more weight than you did last week? Power-walking around the block without feeling winded? Whether your athletic aspirations are lofty or not, finding the energy to get up and go can be a challenge.

Name a dream goal that you're passionate about
Dream goals define the ultimate achievement. The key to setting a goal is to find something you're passionate about. The passion you feel for your ultimate goal is the foundation that will give you the drive and commitment to stay on your journey.
Set realistic and challenging confidence-builder goals
Once you have a dream goal, it's time to work backwards to determine the steps necessary to reach that goal. These steps determine the roadmap that ensures you stay on the right route. Confidence-builder goals provide the opportunity to see and recognize steady progress.

Focus on the process
Instead of concentrating only on results, try setting process-oriented goals. With weight loss, you can focus on outcome (losing five pounds, for instance) or process (such as making better decisions about food). Achieving process-oriented goals increases the likelihood of reaching your outcome goals because they focus on the steps needed to get you there.

Know the difference between a setback and derailment
A setback is a temporary detour from your planned route, such as a week when you don't stick to your regular exercise regimen. A derailment occurs when you abandon your goals completely because you think you've gone too far off track. Setbacks happen. The trick is to recognize a setback before it escalates into a full-scale derailment.

Recognize and celebrate your accomplishments
When you reach a goal, take credit for the work you've done. Don't just shrug it off for the sake of being humble. Be proud! Now turn your attention to the next goal, aiming for the day when you can again celebrate for completing another step toward your dream goal.

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