Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Daily Plate

I received an email from one of my blog readers, Rebekah. It was such a great question and I want to share it with you all in case you have the same question.

Rebekah wanted to know if there are any websites out there that you can enter in ingredients for a recipe and compute the calories per serving.

There are two websites that I know of that have this feature for recipes. The first is is Weight Watchers. They have a food tracker with recipe builder. It does not tell you the calories, but it does tell you your points. So if you are a faithful poitns tracker this is the best option for you. There is a monthly fee for the Weight Watchers online food tracker, but it is worth it!

The second option is free. It is Armstrong's Live Strong website The Daily Plate. You start by creating a log in and then you can get to the free food diary that you can use to track what you eat. The diary also includes a tool that allows you the opportunity to figure out how many calories per serving for your recipes. You tell it how many servings based on how much you eat.

Tools like these are what make it possible for people to succeed in their weight loss efforts. I hope that as you try to lose weight and lead a healthy lifestyle that you will find a version of tracking that works for you. I could not have lost my weight if I wasn’t writing down what I eat each day. I’m at my goal and I continue to write down what I eat so that I can maintain my weight loss long term


TeamRB said...

Thanks for the e-mail and for the post. These are great recourses! How is your new work out plan going. Found a good fit yet?
Let me know if you want to have a run/walk around here after work sometime.

The Newsham's said...

You're welcome! I hope that information helps. My new work out plan isn't going so well. I think that I might sign up to run the 5K I did last year, so that I have something to work towards. If I start running after work I will let you know.


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