Thursday, March 29, 2012

My Walking 5K

This past Saturday I walked in the 5K that I have been preparing for since January! The 5K started at the same time that my Weight Watchers meeting did. So, I got a sub for my Weight Watchers meeting, so that I would  have the entire morning off to get ready for my 5K.

I had such a great time at my 5K. I completed the race in about 46 minutes! I was so proud of my time. my goal was to try and keep my race time under 60 minutes. Of all the people who only walked, I came in first place. I did not get any kind of award for it, but I was proud of myself anyway.

Finishing this 5K only made me hungry to do more of them! I cannot wait until I have my baby and am able to run again, because I really miss it.

I tried to take a lot of pictures for you, so I hope you enjoy them!

This is me on my way to my 5K walk. It's kind of funny that I walked to my 5K walk.

I'm almost to the 5K!

I got my number and I am now ready to walk!

Before we started we took time to pray for everyone's safety throughout the race.

This is my boss, Brenda. She look great in all of her walking gear.

It's almost time for the race to begin. They let the runners go up front, so the rest of us would not get run over.

Here I am walking the 5K.

The trail was beautiful! I had so much fun listening to my music and walking!

I'm almost there! It took me about 46 minutes to walk the 5K, which I was so proud of my time!

I survived another 5K. It only sparked this desire in me to do more of them! I cannot wait until I can run again.


mrsmarkdave said...


Hollie said...

Walking the 5k in 46 minutes is great! You're always an inspiration. I started blogging a little myself after following you for over a year!

Melissa Bo said...


The pictures were wonderful, and the scenery was so pretty!

-J.Darling said...

Way to start baby off healthy too! It's her first 5k as well! ;)

Christina said...

awesome job on the walk!! You seriously walked it as fast as my "run" time lol looks like it was fun and relaxing


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