Monday, January 9, 2012

Reading my Bible in a Year


Ever since I became a Christian I've always had the same New Year's Resolution, to read my Bible more. It's always been a struggle for me to decide what my quiet time with the Lord should look like. I do not believe that there is a wrong way to spend with God.

Last year, I really took this Bible reading resolution seriously and I was much more consistent in my quiet time then I have ever been before! At the beginning of last year, I was reading a few verses at a time, so that I would have more time to study and process what I was reading. Halfway through the year I felt like I needed to change it up, so I started reading the Bible until something jumped out at me. Then I would journal about what God had spoken to me.

Yesterday morning in church our new interim Pastor spoke about how God's word a.k.a. the Bible is filled with God's love letters to me. I have never read the Bible all the way through in one year. However the message that was shared at church got me thinking that maybe I could do that this year for my quiet time.

I realize that I am starting 9 days late, but that's okay. From one year from today, I hope to have read the entire Bible. I am going to follow the reading plan that is outlined in my ESV study Bible. If you want to follow the same reading plan as me, just click here to see it.

Have you ever read the Bible through in a year? How did God use it in your life?

For me, I hope that reading the Bible through in a year will teach me to be more disciplined about reading God's word. There is so much the I don't know about God and it would be exciting to see the Bible from start to finish. I hope that by doing this, I will have a greater love for God and His word.


mrsmarkdave said...

I've read my Bible through in a year a couple or a few times. My mom bought me a Bible that is set up specifically for this.
I had to quit doing it this way because I found myself just trying to get through it rather than actually absorbing what I was reading.

Lori Lynn said...

I struggle with reading my Bible daily as well. I have the time to read it, but I just don't take the TIME to do it! I don't make it a priority for me, even though I know that it's necessary and would help me immensely! I want to start as well!!

Short Poems said...

Happy New Year :)

JAF said...

That certainly is a real challenge but possible. Yes it takes discipline. The first time I did this was 37 years ago when my first child was born on Dec. 24th and with major health issues. I spend lots of time holding and rocking and when she would go to sleep I'd continue holding and rocking and reading my Bible. It was enlightening as I had never done that. However since I've done it several times and each time with a different motive and each time learning lots! I am now doing BSF and oh my! that depth is even more for me. As I have aged and become more seasoned in life I realize that we are spoken to in many different ways by God at the many different stages we go through in life. I've still got more to learn!


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