Thursday, January 12, 2012

2012 the Year to Believe

Great news!! If you've joined Weight Watchers you have picked the best weight loss program out there!!

Weight Watchers tops the 2012 U.S. News and World Report in 3 rankings!!


In addition to earning the distinctions of “Best Commercial Diets” and “Best Weight-Loss Diets” for the second year running, Weight Watchers has just snagged the No. 1 spot in a new category, “Easiest Diet to Follow”, in the U.S. News and World Report’s Best Diets rankings.
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Our slogan for 2012 is to Believe! This is the year that you can reach your weight loss goals, but in order to do that we have to stop telling ourselves the LIES!
“But I am just big boned.”
“But I just don’t have time to plan or exercise.”
“But I’m going to be hungry, right?”
“But everyone is heavy in my family. I can't lose weight.”
“But I always give up the moment I don’t lose or have a gain.”
“But I always lose slower than other people.”
“But diet food is expensive.”

We all joined Weight Watchers because we know that it works as long as we follow the program. Take advantage of the wonderful tools that weight Watchers gives you to help you be even more successful!
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The Weight-Loss Plot in the Weight Record

The fill-in-as-you-go weight-loss graph in the Weight Record is valuable because over time it will help you see a visual representation of your weight loss. It will help for another reason, too: Because a safe and healthy rate of weight loss is shaded on the graph, so you will have—even from your start date—realistic expectations about what a safe and healthy rate of weight loss will look like for you!

Talk about keeping perspective: If you have a gain one week but are still well within the grey range, that gain may not sting as much. If you’re losing too fast, you can spot it. (The language to the left of the Plot tells you how to troubleshoot losses that are outside of the safe range.) If you’re losing more slowly than the potential rate of weight loss, you’ll know to talk to staff about it. I encourage you to plot your weight loss with each weigh-in.
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The Weekly Activity PointsPlus Goal

We’ve always advised members to aim for a certain amount of exercise per the guidelines of the American College of Sports Medicine. Now we’re putting that recommendation at the forefront of the program by offering members who are ready to exercise a weekly activity PointsPlus goal. The starting goal is 14 activity PointsPlus values per week—that’s an average of just 2 per day.

This goal is explained on page 82 of Meet PointsPlus. You’ll also see it referenced in the paper Trackers: Where you track earned and used activity PointsPlus values, there is now a reminder for you to circle your goal. (There is also a reference to the weekly activity PointsPlus goal in the regular and PowerPlans Trackers, in My Weekly Planner.)

As always, we want to encourage members to work up gradually to 4 to 6 activity PointsPlus values per day; that’s the amount that studies have shown helps with successful weight maintenance. Of course, if members are ready for more than 14 activity PointsPlus values per week right when they start losing weight with us, they should go for it.

Members who are eTools subscribers can get a more targeted weekly activity PointsPlus goal with the Activity Assessment. They can find it by clicking on the Fitness tab. You’ll indicate your current level and most recent activities to find a goal that’s custom-fit. And if you’re not exercising regularly? You’ll find some great advice on how to get started.
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What we know is that tracking works!

How you track is up to you but Weight Watchers gives you flexibility by offering different means:
*paper tracker that you can pick up each week at the receptionist desk
*exclusive colored tracker you can only get by staying for the powerstart sessions- there is orange, blue, and green….make an effort to collect them all
*with our new PointsPlus 2012 calculator you can track directly from the calculator
*3 month journal, a handy spiral that holds 3 months worth of tracking and gives great tips and recipes
*pointsplus clicker, Quickly and simply track your PointsPlus values each day with the click of a button. It stores your daily PointsPlus Target so you can subtract PointsPlus values as you use them
*you can track using etools if you are a monthly pass subscriber, that means straight from your computer or using your smart phone! We offer 2 separate apps weight watchers mobile, and ww barcode scanner.
With the barcode scanner you simply scan the barcode of a food/drink and it will pop up with a picture, nutrition facts/serving size, and points plus value. It offers you the option to track that food and then it automatically gets sent over to your etools account! Pretty groovy huh?
. . . . . . . . . .

Meet PointsPlus 2012

Remember that the thick Meet PointsPlus 2012 book that you received with your enrollment material is meant to be a great reference guide to you. Inside that book you can find detailed information about all of the aspects of our PointsPlus program. Be sure you read through that book cover to cover for a good review or to give you guidance.

Remember it is a new year, and there are no more reasons to lie to yourself. In 2012 you can accomplish your goals, but you must believe in yourself. Stop throwing stones and dragging yourself down. If you have a slip up, pick yourself right back up and start over fresh the next day!

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Krystle kjb Bailey said...

Love the part about stop telling the lies!! It is SO true! I always think about how I used to be so convinced that I was "Big boned" and wasn't meant to be "skinny" and after losing 94lbs with Weight Watchers, I look at myself and i'm like "Wow I actually have a rather small frame and thin looks HEALTHY....big doesn't look healthy"

Great post! I BELIEVE!!!!

P.s. Check out my blog about my trip to meet JHUD!



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