Friday, January 20, 2012

My Chipotle Dinner

Happy Friday Everyone!!

Is it sad that I am already thinking about and planning what I am going to have for dinner? Let me explain.


Tonight, Jon and I have plans to go out to eat at Chipotle. We are so excited! I cannot put into words how much my husband enjoys Chipotle. The hardest part is that we live in a town with NO Chipotle! Thankfully, Jon is a pilot and when he goes out of town he can eat at Chipotle. To our surprise, a town about 45 minutes away from us just opened a Chipotle before Christmas of this last year! Tonight, is going to be our first night to eat at this Chipotle that is so close to our home! Yes, I am going to bring my camera to document the occasion.

As you might have guessed, over the years, I have learned to really enjoy eating at Chipotle. Even after I joined Weight Watchers, Chipotle was still a great option for me to choose when we would eat out. Chipotle uses organic and local produce when they can. And they use milk from cows raised without the use of synthetic hormones. If you have never been to Chipotle I would highly recommend that you find one in your area and check it out.

I use the Chipotle Nutrition Calculator 2.0, to figure out the nutritional facts for my burrito bowl. I just check what I am going to add to my burrito bowl and it gives me the nutritional facts. I take those facts and put them into my PointsPlus calculator to figure out how many PointsPlus I need to budget for the evening.

Me with my Chipotle burrito bowl in August 2009.

Tonight I am going to have a burrito bowl that includes the following:
White Rice
Fajita Vegetables
Tomato Salsa
Corn Salsa

In total, my burrito bowl is going to be 12 PointsPlus, which is not bad at all. I do not know if I will eat the entire burrito bowl, but I am going to budget for it just in case. I feel confident in my ability to stay on plan today, because I have made a plan! I have added my burrito bowl to my Weight Watchers Plan Manager, so I know how many PointsPlus I have left to use throughout the day.

Are you going out to eat tonight or tomorrow? What kind of plan are you going to make to help you stay on plan?


Lori Lynn said...

I've only had Chipolte twice, and both times it was unbelievably spicy for me. I guess I have a "sensitive palate!"

mrsmarkdave said...

I've only eaten there twice as well. I agree it's pretty spicy - which I don't like - but I still loved it. They recently opened one on our route to church. So, we plan to try it out a time or two. Unfortunately, my husband isn't crazy about it. So, we probably won't eat there often. In fact, it's been 6 years since we ate there last.
We ate out with a friend last Saturday. I plan to stay on track all week this week so there will be no going out to dinner for us. I can't/won't (not sure which one) stay on track when we go out. I'm such a picky eater that there is little to nothing that a restaurant offers in the healthy category that I will eat.

-J.Darling said...

LOVE Chiptole! Like you, the closest one is AN HOUR AWAY! The only kicker with Chipotle I found was the SODIUM content, but I usually get a burrito bowl and split it with my date. :) To help cut down on the spice, stay away from things marked "spicy". Chicken is pretty mild.

Anonymous said...

I just check what I am going to add to my burrito bowl and it gives me the nutritional facts.

Anonymous said...

How much does the burrito bowl weigh? I would like to ration one out over 2 days and several meals. Could someone who eats a Chipotle Burrito Bowl plop it on a scale first?

Living a Changed Life said...

Anonymous - I do not know how much the burrito bowl weighs. I have never asked them to weigh it for me, but let me know if they are able to do that for you! That would be so helpful!


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