Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Changing It Up


I worked my first meeting in our new Weight Watchers center last night! It was such a crazy evening! We were all trying to get used to a new place, so we did not know where everything was stored. Our members were also trying to figure out how the new set up was supposed to work. I think it is going to be great, it just might take a few weeks for everyone to get settled.

Last night, I also weighed in for the week. I have been weighing in on Tuesday nights since October 2008. It has been my night. However, for the past few weeks I have been gaining! This week was no different as I gained 0.6 pounds.

While driving home from my meeting last night I began to think through some changes that I could make to help me refocus, so that I will STOP gaining weight. Changing my weigh in day seemed like the perfect solution!

I lead a Saturday morning Weight Watchers meeting and I am going to begin to make that my weigh in day starting this week.

Here are just a few benefits to weighing in on Saturday morning.
1. Weighing myself in the morning is nice, because I do not have to eat anything before I weigh myself. I will be weighing on an empty stomach, which will help to give me an accurate view of how well I did throughout the week. Weighing on Tuesday evenings has been challenging, because I do not want to eat anything that might make the number on the scale go up.

2. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are my WORST Weight Watchers days. I have trouble staying on plan during the weekend. If I weigh in on Saturday morning, it will help me to stay within my daily pointsplus+ target on Friday so that I do not gain weight Saturday morning.

3. Weighing in on Saturday means that my 49 weekly pointsplus+ allowance starts over that day as well. So, I will begin the weekend armed with all of my 49 weekly pointsplus+! On top of that I will have the rest of the week (Monday - Friday) to earn extra activity pointsplus+ to help counteract any overeating that might have taken place on Saturday and Sunday.

Sometimes our bodies get very used to the routine and just need a change. Is there something in your routine that you should consider changing this week? Tell me about it!


mrsmarkdave said...

I'm stuck in the rut of allowing myself 7 bad days in a week. Well, I'm out of that rut now.
What I wanted to say was that in the past 4 weeks, I've lost 1.5 lbs. And, I've been EATING LIKE A COW! Seriously - I've maybe had ONE day in the past month that I've actually stayed on plan. Tuesday is also my weigh in day. So, last night I stayed the same. No gain. No loss. There should've been a significant gain. I know how I've been eating. Which just proves to me how effective my exercise has been.
So, I've got my head in the game this week. Our leader challenged us last night to stay on track every day this week if even to just prove that we can do it. And I'm up for the challenge. Looking forward to fantastic results next Tuesday.

Anonymous said...

I like having Friday AM's for my weigh in day. For me, once I get through Saturday and Sunday, my routine starts with a tighter schedule and lots of planning. Weekends I tend to wing it-and guard myself by just making better choices...but through the week, I'm committed to my schedule. Friday is my reward (or my wake up call!) day. Best of luck changing up your weigh in!!


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