Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Exercise is a Reward Not a Burden!

Here is a summary of my Weight Watchers meeting last week on August 31, 2010.

Benefits of Moving
Adding regular physical activity on most days of the week reduces the risk of developing or dying from some of the leading causes of illness and death in the United States. Here are a few health benefits you can get from Regular physical activity:

• Reduces the risk of dying prematurely.
• Reduces the risk of heart disease.
• Reduces the risk of developing diabetes.
• Reduces the risk of developing high blood pressure.
• Helps reduce blood pressure in people who already have high blood pressure.
• Reduces the risk of developing colon cancer.
• Reduces feelings of depression and anxiety.
• Helps control weight.
• Helps build and maintain healthy bones, muscles, and joints.
• Helps older adults become stronger and better able to move about without falling.
• Promotes psychological well-being.

Given the numerous health benefits, the risks of being inactive are clear. Physical inactivity is a serious, nationwide problem. Inactivity among so many Americans has created a national burden of unnecessary illness, increased health care costs, obesity and premature death.

A moderate amount of physical activity can be achieved in a variety of ways. Select activities that you enjoy and that fit into your daily lives. Walking, dancing, bicycling, hiking, gardening, and cleaning house are just a few examples of physical activity.

5 Ways to Beat Exercise Boredom
Article By: Melissa Chessher

You can stick to your exercise plan, with the help of secrets from real people who've found weight-loss success. We asked: How do you stick to a fitness routine, long after you are bored with it?

You know it like you know many of life's truths: the sun will rise tomorrow, one item always remains on a to-do list, you cannot hide things from your scale or your mother, and, most important, exercise is a must.

But knowing and doing are two separate concepts. "The beginning of a new routine is usually not a problem," says Ronda Gates, a lifestyle management counselor in Lake Oswego, Oregon. "It's farther down the road, when the new lifestyle still isn't integrated and the old one is tugging on you to return."

To help you make exercise a regular reality, consider these expert suggestions from Gates and several faithful exercisers.
1. Develop a plan of accountability, says Gates. "For some people it's simply writing information in an exercise journal, and for others it's reporting to a coach or another person," she says. "Commitment plus accountability equals success."

2. Rely on the pleasure principle. Ask yourself what motivates you, what you enjoy. Gates suggests listening to an MP3 player or watching television while on an exercise machine.

"I hate to exercise but I like to walk," says Naomi, a legal secretary who lives in Brooklyn, New York. "I get off a stop early on the bus or train and I walk home or to work. I also [listen to music]. Time goes by fast and I get my exercise.

3. Seek variety. If you walk outdoors on the same path every day, attempt to find one thing that's different about your walk—an emerging flower, the number of dogs in the neighborhood—or take a different route each time.

4. Find a workout partner. "Exercising with a friend allows you to monitor your intensity while you get caught up on one another's news," says Gates. "If I think my exercise will be boring, meeting and walking with someone is a guaranteed cure for relieving that boredom."

5.Keep your eye on the prize. "Just do it," says Karen, a New York-based executive assistant. "I work out three times a week in the morning so I start my day off feeling good. I don't enjoy losing an extra hour of sleep, but I enjoy how I feel during and after my workout," says Karen.

"It's a part of life," she adds. "Sometimes I don't like going to work but I have to do it to enjoy the rewards of my life. I feel the same way about working out."
Hope you had a wonderful labor day and I look forward to seeing you soon!


Unplanned Cooking said...

My biggest challenge with exercise comes with lack of childcare :). Lately we've been taking walks together. It helps burn off some off their energy, while giving me more :).

Sharon Huffman said...

I just found your blog through Blog Frog and want to congratulate you on your weight loss. I look forward to reading all about it! You are a true inspiration!!!

Losing Brownies said...

I get bored really easy with my workouts and now that I have The Boy it's hard to meet up with my usual gym buddy. Somedays I don't even want to leave the house. I use to be in love with the gym, but now I dread it. I keep thinking maybe I need a change.

Jen Newsham said...

Unplanned Cooking - I could see that as a big challenge, but that's great that you take your kids with you. Then they will learn to love exercise, because you do!

Sharon - Thank you for your kind words! I am so happy to have you here.

Losing Brownies - I dread the gym too. Try several different things so that you can find what you love to do. I was running so much last fall that I got bored and had to add in other workouts.

Simplegirl said...

It takes so much dedication to be healthy or remain healthy. Thank you for posting this list, it serves as a reminder of the benefits. Thank you for your visit!

Unknown said...

Hello! I found your blog through TTT Tuesday Blog Hop! I'm Monica. First and foremost, I love your blog! Lovely layout; so neat and easy to navigate. Looking at your before/after shots, wow! You look wonderful! I used to enjoy exercising a lot, but ever since I had my son, I've been too tired to do anything about it. My eating habits haven't been as healthy, either. This post was definitely inspirational, as you are! I'm going to try to find a workout partner, possibly someone who is also in the process of losing post-pregnancy weight, as support and motivation :)

I look forward to reading more of your blog! Have a fantastic week!

Meredith said...

Hi! We are friends on WW and that's how I was first introduced to your blog, then today I found you on Lady Bloggers. I really enjoyed this weeks meeting about the lose for good campaign. Can't wait to bring in all the weight that used to be on my body.

I would love for you to check out my blog at meredithandmaggie.blogspot.com. I have been starting to talk about my weightloss on there!


Jen Newsham said...

Simplegirl - You are so right. I often need reminders like this on. You're welcome!

Monica B - Hi Monica! Thank you so much! Workout partners save my life. They are truly a gift. I look forward to hearing about your weight loss.

Meredith @ meredith and maggie - Hi WW friend! I can't wait to check out your blog

maria said...

Just wanted to congratulate you on your fantastic weight loss.

You look great in that picture.


Jen Newsham said...

Maria - Thank you!!


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