Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Our Beauty Defined

You are

Have you ever had someone tell you that? Is it a hard compliment for you to receive? You are not alone.

When I started my weight loss journey I did not know how to accept a compliment at all! Someone would tell me that I looked nice and I would shrug it off, because I did not believe what they were saying was true. Since I have reached my weight loss goals with Weight Watchers I have received many compliments from others around me. Throughout this process I have gotten better at receiving compliments from others. When I am given a compliment, I kindly say thank you and smile.

However, I want you to know that I still struggle to believe that I am beautiful!!

Why do we as women have the worst opinion of ourselves? Why are we so quick to believe the lies the Satan whispers in our ears?

Friend, the only one who is qualified to define who we are is the one who created us….God.

We need to begin to speak the truth of God’s word to ourselves, believe what He tells us, and then live in the freedom that the truth of God’s word brings to our lives.

Speaking from experience, this is a matter of the heart and you cannot do this without God’s help. Even if you are able to accomplish your weight loss goal, you might be like me and continue to struggle with this. It takes time. I am getting better at believing that I am beautiful and so can you.

If you think that you will only be beautiful when you reach your weight loss goals, you are wrong. Do not want you to stop pursuing a healthy lifestyle. However, we need to begin to trust God and believe His words when He says, "Right now, just the way you are, You Are BEAUTIFUL!"

Trust in the Lord and lean not on your own understanding.

Women of all shapes and sizes, please take the time to read today’s Proverbs 31 devotional below.

. . . . . . . . . .
Defined By God
15 Sep 2010
Shari Braendel

"The king is enthralled by your beauty; honor him, for he is your lord." Psalm 45:11 (NIV)

One word. Flabbergasted.

That was the emotion I had coursing through my body as I sat at the coffee shop discussing my weight issues with a friend.

I told her I had recently cut out certain foods from my diet, but was continuing to maintain my "happy weight," that number the scale just seems extremely happy to faithfully report whether I have eaten healthy and exercised that week or not. We had a good laugh as she described how sometimes she locks her scale away so she's not tempted to jump on it every day just to find out if she's still her same "happy" self.

As a result of this conversation I realized that if I am not careful I can easily al low the scale, or the mirror, to become a compass that shifts my focus and points me in the wrong direction. It seems illogical, yet at times I look to this digital device, or this earthly reflection to gauge my emotional status and essentially define me.

The Bible tells us that the God of the universe is enthralled with our beauty. Seriously? Yes, indeed! He thinks we are amazing and wonderful. Unfortunately, more often than not, we look in the mirror and only see our flaws; hair that's just a mite too frizzy; a tummy that's a bit too fluffy; and thighs that have a few too many dimples on them. My friend Renee likes to call her cellulite "the fingerprints of God." One time I shared that with a group of women, and one of them said, "Well then He must have REALLY big hands!"

So, what would life look like if we accepted God workmanship? Can you imagine how different we would feel about ourselves if we glanced in the mirror and told God "thank You for making me so wonderfully"? If you listen closely, I bet you would hear Him respond, "All beautiful, you are, my darling; there is no flaw in you" (Song of Solomon 4:7, NIV).

No matter your size or shape, the number on your clothes tag or your scale, you are beautiful! Let's embrace that we are fine just the way we are because if God says so, then it's true!

Dear God, thank You for making me the way I am. Please help me to have more confidence. I will practice defining myself through Your eyes and not my own. I am grateful, and humbled to be Your beautiful daughter, and I can feel Your approving gaze upon me. In Jesus' name, Amen.

I have sung the praises of the Proverbs 31 Ministry team before and I want to do it again today. Thank you Proverbs 31 Ministry team for being sensitive to share the heart of God with women following your ministry and beyond.


Amy said...

I struggled with that quite a bit (still do). The first time I lost the weight, I still felt like the "fat girl" was trapped inside me. It is definitely difficult to let go. This time around it has been much easier to accept that I am beautiful right now, even though I'm just over half way down to my goal. Sometimes I wonder if the "fat girl" will ever truly leave. : )

Jen Newsham said...

Amy - I felt the same way. I don't think the fat girl will ever leave, but at least we don't hear from her as often.

drfamrv said...

Loved this post. I have trouble beleiving that I am beautiful, but I do belive that in God's eyes we are are beautiful.

storyteacher said...

Thanks for sharing your blog and your story. I've never believed I am physically beautiful as the world defines beauty, but I believe that everyone has a beautiful spirit, given us by God. The trick is to let the spirit shine through any physical shortcomings.

Kristen said...

Thank you so much with your timely message. Just this morning I allowed myself to get down about my ever increasing gray hairs and the extra 20 lbs that just won't budge. Of course I know those things don't define my true beauty but it is so easy to forget.

Jen Newsham said...

Kristen - You're welcome. Those things don't define your beauty and we need reminders in our life that point us back to the Lord when we are discouraged.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this. It was exactly what I needed today. I receive Proverbs 31 devotional daily, but it had not yet appeared in my inbox when I read your blog post. I hope you don't mind my linking back to you. Thanks again!!

Unknown said...

You look amazing! I lost 35 pounds and chronicled every agonizing step on my blog!

NayLahKnee said...

YOU ARE AWESOME!!! Thank you for visiting my blog. I look forward to reading more about you!

Modern Distaff said...

Wow, this post is incredible. Thanks for sharing this, I struggle with this and it hit me right where it needed to.


You look AMAZING!!!!

I recently stumbled across the website for Operation's an awesome message to be sending out to people. We live in a time when society teaches us to be hypocritical of not only our own bodies but also of those around us. It's sad. We should be teaching our young girls to embrace who they are. The BEAUTIFUL people God created us to be.

GREAT post!

Jen Newsham said...

TotallytheTurtle - You're welcome! Please feel free to link back to me.

Sarita - Thanks! Congrats on losing 35 pounds, that's amazing.

NayLahKnee LahKnee - Thank you! Looking forward to getting to know you better.

Modern Distaff - It's nice to know I am not alone.

Casondra - Thank you! I only hope that I am able to learn to live out that message better and better everyday.

Karen said...

Just found your blog. Thanks for this post about beauty from the Lord's standpoint. I'm right on the edge of committing to the Weight Watchers lifestyle AGAIN. (I'm a lifetime member, but haven't maintained my healthy weight.) Will check your blog for Godly encouragement. Thanks, too, for the link to Proverbs 31 Ministries. blessings, k

Jen Newsham said...

Hi Karen! Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope that God gives you the courage to get back on Weight Watchers, if that is what you truly want to do.


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