Monday, June 6, 2011

A Hole In My Ceiling...?

I woke up this morning around 5:30am, which is normal for me. I got up and was ready to read my Bible in the living room when I head a noise, "drip". Turning around I looked in the dining room and kitchen to see what could have possibly made this noise, however I really did not make much of an effort to get up and investigate. I opened my journal and I heard the noise again, "drip". Where it that coming from I thought? "Drip"...."drip"...."drip....

This is going to drive me crazy. Who can focus on there Bible with noise like this in the background? "Drip"

Reluctantly, I put my Bible down and got up to search for this "drip". I thought this it was coming from something in Jon's backpack. Instead I was able to determine that this drip was instead coming from our ceiling!

There was a wet spot in the carpet where this drip had been making it's mark for a while. Disoriented from just waking up, I stood there wondering what I should do. "Why do things like this always happen when Jon is gone?", I wondered. Just as a personal side note, I believe that these things happen while Jon is gone, so that I will learn to depend on God in all things.

Slowly I made my way to the laundry closet to pull out a bucket and some rags. I put the bucket on a chair, so that I would be able to wipe up the water spot on the floor.

I went back to my room to read my Bible and prayed that the constant drip, drip, drop would not drive me crazy. Even as I write it is distracting, but oh well there is no sense in getting upset about this.

Look at all the water I have collected so far!

I called our maintenance office and I am sure they will fix this as soon as possible. I keep singing the song, "There's a hole in my bucket dear Liza..." Only in my case, there is not a hole in my bucket, but my ceiling.


Kimberlynn said...

I'm so glad you have maintenace to deal with the problem and that you don't have to do it yourself! Years ago when I was a renter, I woke up one morning to a loud crash. What had been a leak in our bathroom that I had complained about many times had finally come crashing down...the entire ceiling. Yep, 15 minutes before I was supposed to get up and would have been in that very bathroom getting ready. It was a disaster.

Stay on em until they get it fixed...that's my advice!

Be blessed and have a great day...despite the dripping.

Living a Changed Life said...

Kimberlynn - Oh my goodness! I am so glad that you were not already in the bathroom. I will stay on them so nothing like that happens!


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