Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Create a Supportive Environment


Here is the meeting summary from May 31, 2011.

Understand the power that friends and family can have in motivating you to manage your weight.

For good or bad, the people around you—your friends, family and colleagues—play a part in your weight-loss efforts. That's why it's so important that whenever possible, you surround yourself with supportive people.

When there are people around you who are also trying to lose weight, they can give you the assurance that you are not alone. That's why the people in your meetings are such a great source of support.

But empathic friends and family members are important, too. They can provide you with encouragement and new ideas, give you a heightened sense of accountability and help you stick to the changes you're making to your lifestyle.

They can only do that if they know how, though. So help your loved ones help you. Here's how:

Start small.
Think of one thing that a person could do—or stop doing—that would help you to lose weight. Write it down. For example, you might want your partner to ask you how you're doing with your efforts, or you might want your children to keep their treats in a particular cabinet, designated off limits to you.

Practice asking for help.
Use Mental Rehearsing, one of the tools in Weight Watchers Tools For Living: Put yourself in the other person's shoes. Will they have any objections? Will they feel threatened in any way? Really think it through. What if they say no? Imagine ahead of time what you'd say to a negative response and have a standby response prepared.

Assertively and clearly communicate your needs.
Use Asserting, another tool from Weight Watchers Tools For Living, to be clear and confident when you ask for help.
• Plan exactly what kind of support you want.
• Anticipate how those around you will feel about you losing weight.
• Ask for what you need.
• Negotiate with your supporters about the help they can give you.
• Be flexible if what they're willing to offer isn't exactly what you had in mind.
• Be grateful. Thank them for what they can offer, or reward them with something that shows you really appreciate their efforts.

Keep it up.
Every day, think of something that somebody can help you with. It doesn't have to be directly related to food and eating. If you are getting help with other things — like certain chores—that might leave you more time to better plan meals or get in more exercise.

Be creative and be active, and remember: Your loved ones would likely love to help you lose weight.

Take the time to thank all of the people in your life who have been supportive in your weight loss efforts. May it be friends, family members, neighbors, or maybe someone from the meeting room. Tell the people in your life how wonderful and helpful it is to have their support.

You can thank them in person, or maybe write them a little note.
“Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like taking the time to wrap a present and then not giving it.”

Remember one of the best places to find the support you need is right in the meeting room. Studies show that the people who regularly attend meetings lose 3 times more weight than those that try to do it alone! Be there to help offer support to a fellow member. Let’s finally get this weight off together!

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