Monday, August 6, 2012

If Only

This article from the Weight Watchers website does a great job of summarizing what we talked about in the meeting room on Saturday, August 4, 2012.

We have all said it 100 times,
“If only I had ____ then I could lose weight.”

Maybe it was a personal trainer, a personal chef, or a calorie free chocolate cake. The reality check is that even if we had the things that we wished for, we would still find an excuse to not be able to reach our weight loss goals. If only thinking is counteractive, almost as if you are giving yourself a reason not to succeed.

Truth is there is no quick fix. No magic wand, no single answer. The good news is that we already have all of the resources that we need in order to be successful, but it takes us putting in the work and being willing utilize these resources!

So what do you have that’s going to help you?
Meetings- members who attend weekly weight watcher meetings lose 3X more weight than those that do not….tell ya something? In the meeting you get to rely off of other members who are going through the same things you are. Share recipes, ideas, what does/doesn’t work. Witness success stories taking place all around you. You will find the motivation and support that you need. You will also find the accountability that many of us need. Plus each week we discuss a different topic that will assist you to get to your long term goals.

Etools- recipes, success stories, recipe builder, tracking, community challenges- in one word etools is amazing! This can be a huge resource in helping reach your goals!

Friends/family- find a buddy or an accountability partner, someone to talk you our of eating that entire gallon of ice cream. Ask for help from family members and coworkers. These people can be a huge encouragement and help remind you that you can be successful!

Tracking- by tracking you are holding yourself accountable for what you are eating. This can really help you to stay on plan. Tracking activity can also be huge source of encouragement as well.

Planning- by planning we can change the outcome of our day. Take the time to think about the week ahead. Decide which days are going to be the most challenging and plan to spend more pointsplus values that day. Plan out your meals and put together a shopping list of what you will need. Also, plan out the activity you are going to complete

Weight Watchers materials- go back and read through your meet PointsPlus 2012 books and reread those pocket guides. Utilize your companion guides and remember to rely on your calculators. Even meeting room products like cookbooks, electronic food scales, easy measure spoons can help you along your journey. Maybe it is a matter of keeping yourself stocked on snacks.

Non Scale victories- these are all the small things that make you happy along your weight loss journey. Being able to walk up a flight of stairs without passing out, getting into a smaller dress size, realizing that that brownie wasn’t worth it, getting a compliment about how you look, finding new parts of your body you forgot you had….all of these are things that we should cherish “Warm and Fuzzies”. Rely on these when your confidence has fallen. Remember where you started and how far you have come since then.

No more excuses, we have what we need to succeed, now let’s put it to good use!


Ashley King said...

I'm doing Weight Watchers online (for two weeks so far and 6.2 pounds gone!) and I sometimes wish I had opted for meetings, but they are more expensive and I am on a budget. I just love this article. I may not have meetings, but I use those message boards and follow blogs of people going through it to. It can be done!

JKT said...

This was THE post I needed to read today :) I had a minor gain (.5lbs...but still!) since starting WW about 4 weeks ago. It was disheartening for sure, but, I know why it happened. Thanks for reminding me of all these things I needed to hear :)

Courtney at RRI said...

All of the tools and strategies that you listed in this post are important to losing weight, but how much of it really matters if you wind up sabotaging yourself, whether it's intentional or not?

For instance, it’s really easy to get caught up in emotional or stress eating because it makes us feel better, even if we know logically that it will make us keep on the pounds. You have to become addicted to actions that make you have that same comfort feeling without them making you unhealthy. Take a look at this video in my link. It does a great job explaining our various needs, how we develop unhealthy habits that can sabotage us, and how to replace them with better ones.


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