Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Happy Due Date!!

I cannot believe that today is my due date!! After nine long months is waiting, this day is finally here!! Everything up until this point has been looking toward this day. I did not sleep well last night, because I kept wondering if I would go into labor in the middle of the night.

I tried explaining to Jon that this is worse than Christmas Eve! I mean at least at Christmas you know the day that it will come on December 25th. Christmas day never changes; however waiting for a little baby is very different. For all I know she could wait two more weeks before she decides to come.

All a long the way I have talked about having an attitude of patience. Up until this point in time, I have done really well. However, in these days following my due date, when I am officially "late", I am going to have to act out the patience that I have been talking about for months. I have talked the talk, but now is the time where I am given the opportunity to live it out.

Above everything else, I want God to be honored through my pregnancy, labor, and delivery. I want to be able to explain to those around me that the peace and patience I have at this time is from Christ alone! This is not something that I could manufactor on my own.

As for my pregnancy, things are going really well! Yesterday, my doctor checked my amniotic fluid levels by doing an ultrasound. It was so cool to see how big Olivia is now compared to when I last saw her at 17 weeks! I will go back to see the doctor again on Thursday. At that appointment, he will take time to check my fluid levels to see how Olivia is holding up in there. My prayer is that everything will continue to go well!

In the meantime, I have been working on getting all of the final touches ready for Olivia!! Here are some pictures of Olivia's things on her wall in our bedroom.

Everything is ready! The only thing missing is a baby!

Some of Olivia's beautiful gifts that she received from friends and family!

Please continue to keep us in your prayers during this time!


The Unlikely Runner said...

Good luck and prayers go with you for patience and a safe and smooth labor and delivery!

Bryan said...

Excited for you guys! Hope Olivia comes sooner rather than later.

Staci's Slimdown said...

Congrats! I hope you deliver her on the very day that God has for her little life! :) It's soooo hard waiting! Be sure that Olivia sign above the playpen can't fall off. I know that sounds paranoid to notice that in a picture, but we were at a church nursery that had a wooden plaque hanging above the changing table. My son knocked the wall with his fist and it caused the plaque to fall off on his head and left a big bruise! He was older and more active than a newborn, so we were good, but still. LOL I'm sure you have it very secure, though. The wall looks so adorable! Best wishes! Can't wait to "meet" her. :)

Carol said...

Somehow I have stumbled upon your blog and have been enjoying it for a couple of months...your recipes and things you write. Just wanted to wish you well on the upcoming birth of your little girl.

Melissa said...

Im sending prayers for you and your new baby! Looking forward to hearing when she arrives!

Melissa said...

Im sending prayers for you and your new baby! Im looking forward to hearing when she arrives! =)

richard said...

You are in my prayers that Olivia will arrive soon! Each time you don't post I keep looking and looking thinking she has arrived and Jon will send the news to all of us.
Relax and enjoy these last few quiet moments of your own. You will appreciate them after she arrives!Just know you are going to be such a beautiful mother. Olivia will be so lucky to have both of you as parents.


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