Friday, May 13, 2011

Things I Like Right Now

The idea behind today’s blog post was inspired be a girl I met in college. Amber blogs at The Mod Antiquarian and is a connoisseur of antiquities and things from the past. She blogs about fashion, recipes, and more, so check it out. She has had a few blog posts called, “Things I like Right Now”. I thought this was a great idea and I am going to steal it!

Mandisa: This Godly woman looks incredible! She has been open, honest, and real about her weight loss journey. I think that she is such an inspiration to all of us who have struggled with our weight.


Walking: Tonight I am completing my 3rd Weight Watchers Walk !t 5K Challenge!! I am walking in our local 5K and I cannot wait!!

Polka Dots: What can I say? I am obsessed! I go shopping and this is what gets my attention.


Water: I take these with me everywhere I go and they are great tools to help me get in all the liquids that I need each day.

Dresses: Ever since I reached my goal weight, I had added so many dresses to my wardrobe. I am a real girly girl and they help me to feel pretty!

The Biggest Loser: I started watching season 11 on Hulu when Jon was gone for a weekend in March. Now I am hooked and cannot wait to see who will be the next Biggest Loser!


Gina Skinny Recipes: I visit Gina's blog on a daily basis. She always has great new recipe ideas that are pointsplus friendly. And they taste good too!!


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Kelly said...

Lots of great pics !


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