Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Don't Let Summer Sabotage You!

Keep the Momentum Going with Activity Goals to Really Go For

This week I challenge you all to set an activity goal that will help you get the results you want!

Regular physical activity has many benefits!
Activity is the only thing that will increase your metabolism!
Bored with your exercise routine?
Then according to experts, it’s time for a change.

Exercise needs to be a good fit—otherwise you’re bound to quit!
Make your goal a priority.
With 1,440 minutes in a day why not use 30 of them in the name of health and wellness?
After a while, sticking to a regular routine will be second nature!

"Will Your Summer Pay Off?"

It's just starting to feel like summertime. You're planning vacations, shopping for sandals… Who wants to think about fall just around the corner?
You do. The next 13 weeks will pass quickly, and it will be Labor Day before you know it. When that time comes, will you regret abandoning your weight-loss plans over the hot months? Or will Labor Day find you reaping the rewards of all your hard work?

Summer Smarts
Think about what you can do so that this summer earns you payoffs instead of regrets. You might:
• Continue going to Meetings every week.
• Write everything you eat in your Journal.
• Exercise whenever you can.
• Drink six glasses of water a day.
• Try a new, low POINTS® recipe each week.

Once you've made the list, schedule it into your summer plans. If you stick with it, you will get the payoff of your dreams. But if you start the summer thinking you'll figure it all out as you go, you might find the season's temptations to be too much for you. Then, come September, you'll have to face the consequences.
In the summertime, it's easy to get distracted and lose sight of your goals. So, sometime soon, refer back to your Winning Outcome. Make sure your goals are still:
• Stated in the positive
• Specific
• Under your control
• A good fit with your life

I hope you all had a wonderful memorial day and I’m looking forward to seeing you in the meeting room soon!

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