Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Reader Question: Excess Skin


Good Morning!! I’ve received several emails in the last few weeks from people who read and follow my blog. They are people just like you and me who are in the midst of their own weight loss journeys. These people need some advice and/or encouragement to help them along in their journey.

Normally, I just email the blog reader back and let that be it. However, I think that there are other people out there who have similar questions. So, I’ve decided to start using some of my reader questions as my inspiration for blog posts. I’ll post the reader’s question and my response to their question.

This past weekend I received an email from Sarah, who had a question about excess skin. Read below to check out Sarah’s question.

"Do you have to deal with extra skin, or has your body adjusted to the new weight? I look all over the place for weight loss blogs for inspiration, I have 92 pounds to lose. However, I recently came across a blog where a girl had to have a "lower body lift" which is basically plastic surgery to remove excess skin, and this kind of scared me. I'm a big fan of your blog, so I thought I would ask you and see if you had any issues with this after your weight loss. Thanks for your help."

Here is my response to Sarah and anyone else who is nervous about dealing with excess skin.

First, I just want to thank Sarah for having the courage to email me! I love hearing from my blog readers/followers! Talking about weight loss issues can be uncomfortable, especially when you are talking about it with a stranger.

My mother-in-law asked me this same question just a few months after I reached my goal weight. In answer to your question, I did not have to deal with extra skin. I have not had any kind of "body lift" either. To be completely honest, I did not lose all of my weight and find a six pack under the layers of fat that was hiding it. My stomach does not look like anything that you would find on the cover of a magazine. It is bigger than I like and still has a few larger rolls. However, I do not have lots of flabby skin just hanging around that I have to deal with.

Now that I’ve been too honest with you, let me tell you a few reason about why I have not had to deal with extra skin.

First, I lost my weight at a slow and healthy rate. As I lost the weight my body was able to make adjustments. People who choose to lose weight very quickly often have to deal with a lot of extra skin, because their body does not have time to adjust to the weight loss changes that are taking place. I would highly recommend that you lose your weight at a slower pace. I know that it can be challenging, but losing the weight slowly really is the healthiest way to go.

Second, half way through my weight loss journey I began to exercise. I believe that the walking and running that I was doing as I lost my weight helped to naturally tone my body. If you are not exercising regularly I would highly recommend it!

Don't let the fear of having excess skin keep you from losing weight!

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-J.Darling said...

Agreed! I've kept 60lbs off for a few years now, and I have no "extra skin" really. Sure, I still have a ways to go, but doing it slow helped me "win the race", so to speak. It's little, maintainable changes.


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