Monday, December 5, 2011

PointsPlus 2012

This week in the meeting room Weight Watchers will be launching their latest program PointsPlus 2012! You have probably already noticed some of these changes when you logged on to eTools.

This new program offers an increased amount of flexibility to help make the program work better for you. These are not huge changes, but you don’t want to miss this week’s meeting to get all of the details!

In the meeting room next week you will receive a completely redesigned pocket guide featuring some pointsplus changes to several foods. Every time the FDA reevaluates the nutritional information of foods, so do we. For that same reason we will also be selling our new 2012 editions of the Complete Food Companion and the Dining Out companion. These new editions are going to have the best and most accurate information available.

You will also be receiving the new getting started guide titled Meet Points Plus 2012.

We will be featuring our newly designed 2012 starter kits. Good news is they will still be featured at the discounted price of $34.95 for the deluxe kit and $19.95 for the essential kit. This is a great way for you to obtain the updated companion guides.

We will also be featuring a newly designed PointsPlus calculator. The new calculator has been renovated to provide larger buttons that are easier to push as well as updates to the new daily pointsplus flexibility options. The new and improved calculators will be featured for $5.95 for the first calculator just until January. After January the first calculator you purchase will be $7.50 and any additional purchase will be $14.95 a piece. $14.95 is the regular price for the updated calculator. What I like about these calculators is that we are now going to be offering skins for just $1.95 each that you can add to the top of your calculator to help accessorize it and make it more custom to your style. (No more birth control looking calculators!) Aren’t they awesome? It will be hard to choose just one!

With Points Plus 2012 we are redoing the way we do our getting started sessions for new members. It is now titled power start, and will take place in 3 (highly recommended that you attend) sessions. At each of the 3 sessions you will hear the program essentials as well as focus specifically on a much needed skill for success. The 3 power starts are titled Power Spaces, Power Choices, and Power Plans. At each of the 3 sessions you will receive a very unique colored tracker that not only includes a shopping list, food guide, and a power foods list, but it also includes an activity. At each powerstart session you will complete the activity and help incorporate that week’s skill into your personal life. The only way you can receive this exclusive fancy tracker is by attending these power start sessions. I highly recommend that all of you take these 3 refresher courses to help you start fresh and really be successful over the rest of this holiday season!

Remember that January will bring lots of new faces, so you may want to knock them out now so that you do not have to fight the crowd. You do not have to take them in any particular order. In fact we will rotate them over and over again. Every meeting all across the country will be offering the same power start session week to week.

Be on the lookout for new products in the meeting rooms as well!

I'll be blogging more about these changes so be sure to check back for the latest information on PointsPlus 2012!

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