Monday, December 12, 2011

PointsPlus 2012 Plan Changes

{Flexible PointsPlus Target}

Many of you were surprised to notice that with our 2012 PointsPlus plan, many of your daily pointsplus targets have changed. When we launched our original PointsPlus program in 2010 we were overly cautious, making sure that everyone’s nutrition needs would be met with our program. Since that time we have done more research and discovered that this can still be done with a lower daily pointsplus target.

For that reason we have moved the bottom of our scale to 26 pointsplus instead of the 29. (You will notice that your etools account has automatically recalculated your daily pointsplus target to reflect these new calculations based on your age, height, current weight, and gender.) The choice to change your daily pointsplus target is completely up to you.

Why might you want to lower your daily pointsplus target?
• not losing or difficulty maintaining
• reduction in overall daily activity
• age, which may lead to slower weight loss or difficulty maintaining due to a decrease in activity
• I can’t eat all that! – Struggling to get in the recommended amount of pointsplus values

If you decide to move to the lower daily pointsplus values be cautious of the following things:
• Feeling deprived/falling into that diet mentality
• Getting in your Good Health Guidelines (proper nutrition)
• Unhealthy rapid weight loss -- what IS that? .5 lb to 2 lb per week. On the back of your newly designed weight record there is a place for you to plot your weight loss and identify if you are falling within the healthy range.

Why might you want to raise your daily pointsplus target?
• feeling too deprived, not being able to stick with it
• vacations, holiday seasons, a decision to maintain for a time instead of losing, etc.
• losing too quickly
• increase in overall daily activity, leading to rapid weight loss or chronic hunger

Now you have the option to remain at the daily pointsplus target you already have. If you are happy with your food intake, and if you are losing at a healthy rate, then you may not want to change your daily pointsplus target at all. If this is the case, and you have etools, you can adjust your daily pointsplus target under the plan manager under settings.

{Free eTools}

Congratulations to all Zero paying Lifetime members. As a reward for your hard work, you are now able to receive free etools! Each month when you weigh in no more than 2 lb above your goal, you will receive an 8 week free etools voucher! WOOOOHOOOO! You guys deserve it!!


Probably the biggest change that Weight Watchers is announcing this year is in how we are helping you get STARTED with your weight loss. Research shows that getting off to a GREAT start is critical to long-term weight loss success, so we’ve vamped our “getting started session” into a new 3-part POWERSTART! You’ll notice that on the front of your new weight record, there are 3 boxes to record when you’ve completed each of the great new sessions. I invite you ALL to stay for these 3 looping sessions. You do not have to take them in any order.


Don’t forget that our new 2012 enrollment products are now available with more information and with new updated pointsplus values. Pick your copies up in the meeting room!

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