Friday, March 19, 2010

Teasing is NOT Just for Kids

My birthday was on Monday (that blog is coming soon). Part of my birthday present is that Jon would pay for me to get my haircut. For the last week I have look at hundreds of pictures: long, medium, and short hairstyles. All the while I have been in search of the perfect do for me.

I don't have a hairdresser in Texas, because I am way to picky and afraid to let Texas women go at my hair. I don't want to come out looking like Dolly Parton, no offense Dolly that hair is just not for me.

My co-worker Anna recommended that I go to her stylist at Salon Pink. She said that this woman would not make my hair big. So I made the appointment and went on my lunch break this afternoon.

I get to Salon Pink and meet Sara, who doesn't seem like she would make my hair huge. After the hair washing, cut, dry, straightening, and texturizing, I was so excited and almost home big hair yet. Until, Sara pulled out a teasing comb and began to tease my hair. No I had no idea what this comb was so for those of you who are like me I want you to know that below is a picture of a teasing comb.

Thankfully, I asked her what kind of comb that was and reminded her that I was not from Texas. She explained what it was and said that she would not do my hair as big as a normal Texas girl.

When she was finished I was pleasantly surprised. She didn't tease it very much, but what she had done was not that bad. I am so glad that I reminder her that I was from Oregon and that she didn't tease my hair anymore then she already had. Thanks Sara!! I just love my new haircut.

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