Thursday, March 4, 2010

Slim to Stay & McKinney Historical Run

Right about this time last year Weight Watchers launched its "Walk-!T Challenge". Little did I know that by the end of the challenge I would call myself a runner. You see Weight Watchers created walking groups all over the country and encouraged people to either walk of run a 5K. I loved to walk and I knew that I could walk well, but I was really looking for something that would challenge me. I needed to run a 5K. So I signed myself up to run in the McKinney Historical Run, a 5K run (3.1 miles), on August 8th at 8:00am. It also turned out that Weight Watchers was going to host a local walking 5K at Pine Tree High school, called, “Slim to Stay the 5K Way”. It was scheduled to take place in late June. So of course I decided to do both!

These two events are what really got me excited about running and exercising. I found it so much easier to run when I knew I was working toward a goal, like a 5K. These past few months I have not run much at all, because it has been so cold. However, as the weather begins to warm up I am excited to continue to run!

We all need to go outside and exercise! It doesn’t have to be running, just get up and do something. I think that I am going to run another 5K this summer and I can’t wait. I hope that you all will challenge yourselves to do something this summer as well. We have to stick together, so be sure to let me know what you are doing and how it goes.

Here are some of the pictures from the two 5Ks I participated in last year.

Slim to Stay the 5K Way

June 2009, all the Weight Watchers walking teams

June 2009, me after I finished my first 5K!!

McKinney Historical Run

August 2009, right before my run

August 2009, I'm almost done! I ran 3.1 miles without stopping

August 2009, Amanda, Debbie, and I all completed the 5K

August 2009, I couldn't have done this without Jon

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