Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Five Secrets...Let Down

This afternoon I went to the Five Secrets to Permanent Weight Loss lecture at the University. I thought that it would be a presentation with information on health, wellness, weight loss, and tools needed to succeed. I was so disappointed when halfway through the presentation I realized that it was more of a sales pitch. So many statistics and quotes being thrown our way, I knew that their goal was to help us see that we need to change. Which is true. She ended by offering us all a free an evaluation at their office.

For those of you who went and want to be evaluated, that is awesome! So many of us need something like this to get us going and really changing our lives. If this is the avenue that God chooses to help you in your weight loss, I support you.

I just wish that the advertisement for this lecture would have been more honest. I was looking forward to receiving more information on being able to maintain permanent weight loss, and that is not what this was about. Oh well. Here is a quick recap of the Five Secrets to Permanent Weight Loss.

Secret #1: To Lose Weight, Low Calorie Diets Don't Work

Secret #2: Eat & Drink Food That are Good for You, and made by God

Secret #3: Avoid Unnecessary Drugs!

Secret #4: Move!

Secret #5: Get Out of Pain Naturally

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