Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Your BBQ Survival Guide


Here is the meeting summary from my Weight Watchers meeting on Saturday, June 30, 2012.

Your BBQ Survival Guide 
How to enjoy cookouts and outdoor parties on Plan.

What do these words — charcoal, beer, potato salad, hot dogs, burgers, bugs and fireworks — remind you of? That's right, July fourth is right around the corner and throngs of people will roll out grills, dust off patio furniture, pack up picnic baskets and attend outdoor celebrations! If you haven’t done so already, now’s the time to plan a strategy for accommodating your favorite barbecue favorites.

Can’t pass on the pasta salad or dessert platter? Use Mental Rehearsing, a powerful Weight Watchers Tools for Living resource to see what you will do, hear what you will say, and feel what you will feel when you encounter the actual situation. After you've got the mental picture of how you want to act at your next barbecue, get out there and do it!

Attending a holiday celebration? Here are a few ways to navigate through the offerings.

Ask how the meats were prepared. 
It's no crime to ask the chef how she made her marinades and sauces; she'll be flattered by your interest. Find out if the burgers are lean and whether the "special" sauces involve fatty condiments. There is no shame in bringing your own “lighter” version of meats (turkey burger, black bean burger, fat free hot dogs, etc.) and asking the master griller to throw them on.

Go easy on the coleslaw, pasta and potato salad. 
These side dishes tend to be soaked in mayonnaise and oil. Better yet, bring your own lighter side dish. Browse some of the Recipes below to find a healthier version of your favorites. Remember just a ½ cup serving of regular pasta salad will cost you 7pp values.

Look up PointsPlus® values before you go and have a snack. 
Enjoy a filling snack before you go, that way you will not be starving and willing to eat anything once you get there. Use your companion guide and pocket guide to determine the values of typical BBQ foods so that you will be able to make wiser decisions once you are there. Use the BBQ cheat sheet, which can help you make wiser decisions.

Fill up on grilled fruits and vegetables. 
These low PointsPlus® value foods will not only satisfy you but help you meet your Good Health Guidelines too. Just ask the master griller to throw some on the grill for you. This really can enhance the flavor and it pleases the chef to get to cook it as well.

Drink lots of water and go easy on the booze. 
Make an effort to drink more low PointsPlus value beverages during outdoor parties, especially in the afternoon when the sun is scorching. It's OK to have an alcoholic drink or two, but keep in mind that they won't help you stay hydrated and may weaken your healthy eating resolve. Remember just 4 teensy little ounces of a margarita will cost you 9 PointsPlus values. If you are going to drink, your wiser choice would be to choose the light 12oz beer for 4pp.

Participate in sports and other fitness activities. 
Whether it's taking part in a beach volleyball game, playing frisbee or hanging out in the pool, you're better off staying away from the buffet table when you're not hungry. And don't forget to track your activity PointsPlus values.

Enjoy more of the people and less of the food. 
The more you stare at the food line, the more you are going to want to eat. Walk away from the food and mingle with the people. This will help distract you from the potato salad that’s calling your name.

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