Friday, July 20, 2012

Some Major Changes

I told you yesterday that this has been a busy week for me. Several times this week I have tried to sit down and write a blog post about everything that is going on, but nothing has come out! I sit in front of the computer longing to write about all the things on my mind, but it is overwhelming to know where I should begin. However, today I am determined to share what's on my heart and ask you to pray for me and Jon!

{change #1}
Last Saturday, Jon's brother Josh moved in with us! Josh has come to live with us while he goes to a local community college in town. I have been praying about this for months, because I was nervous and anxious about Josh coming to live with us right before Olivia is born. I am so thankful to say that God has answered my prayers and that this first week has gone by without any major problems! Please pray as Josh tries to find a job and get registered for classes over these next few weeks.
Josh and Jon at church this past Sunday.

{change #2}
As of this past Tuesday, I am 34 weeks pregnant! I cannot believe that I only have 6 weeks left to go in my pregnancy. My pregnancy has gone by so quickly! I am trying my best not to rush these last few weeks, but to enjoy the intimate bond that I have been able to share with Olivia over these last 34 weeks.

This is Olivia's newest outfit! It was made by Whimsical Pudding.

{change #3}
In August, I will begin to work from home! This is another HUGE answer to prayer, because we do not have the extra money needed for childcare. I will be able to work from home and stay home with Olivia all at the same time! The plan is that I will be able to begin to work from home before my due date, so that I can Olivia is born. Please pray for this transition and that I would be able to develop a good schedule/system while I work at home.

As you can see there are a lot of changes coming up in the next few weeks. Thank you for keeping Jon and I in your prayers over these next few weeks!


My Recent Favorite Books said...

Sending prayers for a smooth transition for all of the changes coming up in your life! =)

Love the pretty outfit for your little girl!

mrsmarkdave said...

Wow! That is awesome that you'll be able to work from home and not have to put Olivia in childcare.

Unknown said...

Hi! I'm your newest follower. I found you through pinterest. What a great testimony you have! I can't wait to look around some more and congrats on your coming blessing!! I'm a new momma and it's THE BEST!!

Missy @


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