Friday, July 1, 2011

Vacation Options


Here is a great meeting summary to help you get back on plan after this weekend. This meeting summary is from my meeting on June 28, 2011.

Don't let a week-long vacation turn into a six-month-long vacation from weight-loss.

Watch out! There's a threat that can wreak havoc on your weight-loss plans. It's called Vacation Amnesia, and strikes when you take a break from work and forget about your weight-loss plans. The symptoms — abandonment of efforts, loss of motivation — can be contracted during any part of life, not just during vacation. They can creep into periods of stress, happiness, or even boredom. But they don't have to be fatal. Follow the 4-step "Avoid Vacation Amnesia" plan, and you'll come away from the scare still feeling good about the progress you're making toward your weight goals.

STEP 1: Choose Your Option
When you know that a difficult weight-loss situation (like a vacation) is approaching, choose whether you want to come out of it having lost weight, maintained the weight you've already lost, or having relaxed a little bit and maybe even gained. Knowing ahead of time what you want the outcome of your efforts to be will help you set up a plan of attack.

Option 1- go on vacation prepared to stay on plan completely earning and expecting a loss when you return

Option 2- for the most part stay on plan, but indulge in things that you normally wouldn’t by following the 80/20 rule; expect to somewhat maintain- ok with a slight gain or loss

Option 3- seriously its vacation my one chance to have a great time all year- completely go off plan eat whatever I want and COMPLETELY EXPECT A GAIN WHEN I GET BACK

*******the following option is not a good option*****

Select Option # 3 but get upset with what the scale says when I get back

STEP 2: Determine Strategies
Consider what aspects of your upcoming vacation might make it difficult for you to stick with the Winning Outcome you set during Step 1? How will you manage offers of food and snacks? How will you eat out in restaurants? Will you be able to get online where you're going? How will you exercise?

STEP 3: Gather the Necessary Tools
Before you go away, you may find it easier to make a list of the things you'll need to pack; things that will make it easier for you to stay on track. Besides your undies pack what you will need in order to help you stay on plan while you are away.

For example, what things will you need for your work-out? Do you have favorite healthy snacks that might be difficult to find where you're going? Are you prepared to track your PointsPlus™ values even while you're away from home, by logging in to Weight Watchers mobile, using our app, or a paper tracker? Did you remember to pack your calculator and your companion guides?

STEP 4: Make a Post-Vacation Commitment
Vacation Amnesia can often linger for days or weeks after the actual vacation. Some people can feel like they fell so far off track while they were away, they might as well just keep eating a lot and start up again later. Decide before you go that no matter what happens, you'll pick up your efforts again the day you get back. Remember regardless of what happens on the scale the week you get back, it’s just midsummer. This is the point where you decide do I want to get this weight off or not? Think of all the damage you can do between now and the time school starts back if you give up on what you have worked so hard to accomplish!

Remember to honor your Pledge of Thin-dependence. Cross whatever body part needs the most work and recite this pledge aloud recommitting yourself to your weight loss efforts:

I pledge allegiance
to myself
in quest of my weight goal
and to the healthiness
for which it stands.
One body—
Under control—
with confidence and new clothes for fall.

I hope you all have a safe and wonderful 
4th of July weekend.


-J.Darling said...

I like to think of a Vacation as my chance to prove that a healthy living is a lifestyle - not something I'd take a vacation from - just like I wouldn't take a vacation from any of my other beliefes. :) Sure, I have something sweet or something to drink, but I also work out extra to cover that. :) Planning a vacation that includes a lot of active activities is my favorite way to go!

Living a Changed Life said...

J.Darling - That's a great perspective! I am going to start thinking of vacations that way! Thanks for sharing!

Melissa said...

Thanks for the helpful hints to use while on vacation! I enjoy reading your blog posts, they are so helpful!


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