Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Perfect Weakness


Yesterday, I shared weight loss success story to help encourage those of us who are be struggling to stay on plan. I want to thank those of you who left me a comment saying that you were struggling with your weight loss. God knew that we needed more than just a good success story, but we need the truth of His word to cling to during challenging times. God shared a very encouraging word with me that I am going to pass on to all of you.

This morning, while I was eating breakfast I read through this Proverbs 31 devotional. I knew that God would be speaking to me when I saw the title, “Perfect Weakness”. The devotion opened with one of my favorite Bible verses, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” 2 Corinthians 12:9a (NIV).

Do you know that when we are weak God is strong? It is in our weaknesses that His power can shine through even the most challenging circumstances.

God is not expecting us to be perfect. He knows that we are human. He knows that we do not have it all together. He is also aware of our fears and insecurities. In this verse above He is not asking for us to be perfect, but He is asking that we come before Him and admit our weaknesses.

Are you feeling weak and weary of battling your weight loss? Take some time right now to cry out to the Lord in your weakness and trust in His perfect care.

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Perfect Weakness

July 26, 2011
Micca Monda Campbell

“My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” 2 Corinthians 12:9a (NIV)

It started out like any other evening at home. Donny made dinner while Annie attended aerobics class after work. It was a good arrangement. Donny got to practice his cooking skills and Annie got to exercise. Once Annie was home, dinner was served.

Unknowingly, their lives were about to change forever. In the middle of dinner, Annie’s right hand suddenly went numb. Unable to hold her fork, she dropped it to the floor.

“Are you okay?” Donny asked. Annie felt ill. Her head pounded like never before. Something was wrong.

The next day, Annie’s MRI exposed bad news: a brain aneurysm. The good news was it was operable. Alarmed by the dreadful findings, Annie fell to pieces as the doctor explained the procedure. He would start by shaving her head where the incision would be made. Then, the brain specialist would remove the left part of Annie’s skull.

Her heart would have to stop for a split second in order to put a metal clamp around the artery in her brain. This would definitely affect her speech for a while. The doctor couldn’t guarantee how things would turn out, but he was hopeful. Distressed, both Annie and Donny melted with grief.

After sharing the news with friends and family, Annie sank into a deep depression. The unknowns of her condition left her scared stiff. Her mind raced with possible outcomes. She didn’t get out of bed or bathe for days until she visited her pastor. Surely, he could offer her the peace to face her illness. But peace didn’t come during their conversation.

“I need something more,” Annie confessed to her pastor.

“He is what you need,” the pastor said, as he pointed to the large cross hanging at the front of the church. Annie walked slowly toward the cross, knelt down in front of it, and cried out to the Lord. She didn’t ask God to heal her. She didn’t even ask to live through it. “Just give me the strength to do Your will,” Annie pleaded.

At the moment Annie placed her life before God, she was filled with His peace and power. She had no more tears. Annie knew in that moment, no matter what — live or die — everything was going to be fine.

Annie’s surgery was a success. Though it took several months before she could speak again and nearly a year to heal fully, she had something better than a life without trials or sickness. She had the companionship of Christ and the assurance of His strength and enabling grace.

The world’s philosophy says, “What can’t be cured must be endured.” Our key verse says the opposite. What can’t be cured makes us dependent on the power of God. In that dependency, His power is given and we are made strong. I’ve come to learn this truth myself. God doesn’t always remove me from my painful circumstances, but He supports me in them. This strengthens me like none other.

Something amazing happens when we faithfully cry out to the Lord in our weakness and believe in His perfect care. We experience His super-natural power and peace. Our faith suddenly becomes stronger than our fear, and our trust becomes a strong witness to others. Go ahead and be weak when the crisis comes. His strength and grace are sufficient.

Dear Lord, thank You for Your strong grace when my circumstances look bleak. In my weakness, I cry out in utter dependence on You. Make Your power known to me. Be my hope, my peace and my strength. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.


-J.Darling said...

It's funny you posted this today. Just yesterday I was discussing Emotional Eating with a friend. We talked about how we use to food to "stuff it" down our throats, instead of reaching out to those we love, allowing ourselves to be vulnerable. Somewhere along the line, we lost sight of the beauty in vulnerability and the intimacy it creates between friends/spouses/people. Being Vulnerable isn't a bad thing! Reaching out to others when we're sad/angry/hurting/etc gives them a chance to hold each other up!

Faith said...

I have really been feeling weak when it comes to my eating habits lately. I don't think I'm addicted to food because I can be very determined and follow WW to the letter. I think I sometimes fall prey to my emotions rather than pray and seek God.

Thank you for this post. Thank you Lord for your power!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this. For the past few days I have slided away from the Weight Watchers plan. My son is leaving for the army this Sunday and I have been very emotional about it. I need this reminder that it's God's will, not mine. Just need to give it all to him. Thanks again.


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