Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My Moment with a Size 6

I did not get much of a Labor Day weekend, but I guess that's the way it is when you have to work on Monday. Even though I did not have a day off, my weekend was still eventful. I tried on and fit into a size 6!! I had noticed in the last week that my jeans were beginning to feel a bit baggy. Normally, I have to wait until Anna, my co-worker, tells me that my pants are too big and I need to get new ones. This time I figured it out all on my own.

I went to Wal-mart to go grocery shopping and I was determined to try on a size 6 jeans. I went and picked out the pair of jeans that seemed best for me. I took them into the dressing room, telling myself that if they did not fit that it was okay. Do you know what I am talking about? When it is something I try on, like these pants that they really want to get into I talk myself through it. I have to literally give myself a pep talk thinking, “you can do this”. I finally got the jeans on and just as I pulled them up over my hips I sucked in, just in case they were too tight. As I exhaled and my stomach relaxed I realize that they are not too tight, they fit like glove. How exciting!! I left the store with the jeans in hand, they are my size 6 milestone memento.

Throughout my weight loss journey I have thought a lot about numbers, how much I weigh, how much I want to weight, what size I am, what size I want to be. Numbers have been a big part of the process. In my mind a size 6 has always been the ideal size for me. If I could reach a size 6 I would really feel like I had made it! Well I can fit into a size 6 and it feels great!! I hope that you are encouraged. God is good and He can lead you to a victory in weight loss or other areas of your life just like He is doing with me.


Anonymous said...

You look wonderful Your size 6 so becomes you. congratulations on all you've accomplished.

Living a Changed Life said...

Anonymous - Thanks!


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