Monday, November 12, 2012

Weekly Weigh In - Make a Losing List


I just want to start by saying, thank you for all of your words of encouragement that you sent my way after I posted my Weekly Weigh In - Losing My Baby Weight blog post last week!! You did not judge me for how much I did or did not weigh, but accepted me for who I am!!

God knew that I needed to be honest with you. I was nervous about posting my current weight on my blog. However, I think it was the best thing for me to do. I truly believe that freedom comes when we are honest and share the truth, no matter how ugly that it is. Since posting that blog post, I have felt free to follow Weight Watchers and get back on plan. I am no longer ashamed of my baby weight, because I know that God loves me and is helping me reach my goals! 

My Weight Watchers Weight Record

The picture above is my official Weight Watchers Weight Record. I am a currently Weight Watchers employee, which means that technically I do not have to keep a record of my weight like this. However, this weight record helps me to be more successful on plan. I like seeing my weight loss and/or gains, week after week like this.

On Saturday, when I weighed in, I was excited to see that I had lost 4.2 pounds! I was not expecting to lose that much weght, but I will take what I can get. I have been trying to take things one day at a time. Last week, I stayed within my daily PointsPlus target on Wednesday. After doing that I knew I could do it again on Thursday and Friday!

In addition to taking things one day at a time, I have been learning to say no again. Jon was gone working Friday night and I really wanted to go to eat at Panda Express. However, I knew that my weigh in day was the next morning! I said to to eating out and decided that Jon and I could go on a date sometime this week. For me, that is a much better use of my daily PointsPlus and weekly PointsPlus target.

I am focusing on making smal changes. It's a baby steps! This week my baby step goal is to make a losing list, read more about this below.

Pleaase continue to pray for me while I am losing my baby weight!

. . . . . . . . . .
Week 7 - Make a Losing List

This is week seven of our 8 Weeks to Thanksgiving Challenge!! We are almost there, so each day this week jot down one reason you want to slim down. It is important to write down these reasons, so that you can go back and read them during times when you get off plan!

I would love to hear your reasons and have you share them with each other, so please share your reasons on my blog, Facebook, and/or Twitter.


Anonymous said...

Woohoo! Good job on the weight loss. Very happy for you!

Kendra E. said...

great job! i meant to comment on your last post...never be ashamed of your baby weight! it's the best weight to gain for and the best reason to take it off as well. And you're doing it, that's what's important. 3 kids and almost 12 yrs later i finally reached my pre-preg weight from my first child...sure i lost the baby weight between but did alot of up and down in between and after. I'm 5 lbs away from my goal now after 3 yrs of WW...this feels like the hardest but your posts are renewing me! so don't stop :)

Tracy said...

Great work! Your initial baby weight loss post inspired me to start my own weight loss blog - if anything to keep myself honest and motivated. It's not fancy or anything yet, but it's a start. I'd love to start a blog support with anyone else out there!

mrsmarkdave said...

Congratulations! That's an excellent loss! I can imagine how excited you were when you saw that.
Funny you were craving Panda Express Friday night. SO WAS I. And Saturday night. And Sunday night. And I'm sure I will again tonight. I love that place.
Been praying for you.

Carla Belyea said...

Great Job. Your post about losing your baby weight inspired me to actually go back to a meeting this week at Weight Watchers. I need to lose weight so I am at a better BMI to get pregnant via in vitro fertilization. I have my list of 20 things that I want to lose weight for that I need to write from this weeks meeting.

Anonymous said...

Great job!!! Very proud of you.....

how to lose weight fast and keep it off said...

Like you,Even am going to live a life.Thanks!


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