Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Thanksgiving Challenge: Week 2 - Friends Without Food


Sorry that I left you hanging last week without anything about the Thanksgiving Challenge. I cannot believe that there are just six more weeks until Thanksgiving!!

Last week's step was to find opportunities to socialize without eating. I have a hard time with this one, because my family and friends like to eat! When I spend time with my friends and/or family foods is always involved. I think that this is just the routine we have gotten into, because we cannot come up with anything else to do. Just in case you are like me, I have included a list from Debbie Brzozowski that gives us some great ideas of ways to have fun without food.

Is this a challenge for you to? Last week, what were some ways that you began to socialize without food?

- Go to your local Chamber of Commerce/Visitor’s Center (or go online) and find out about all the free, fun stuff to do in your town.
- Go to a local museum (libraries have free passes!)
- Check out your city-center or downtown area.
- Visit the historical sites in your town.
- Take a ride on public transportation. You see things differently when you are not driving.
- Visit a state park.
- Walk your dog.
- Go roller-skating.
- Go fishing.
- Go for a bike ride in your neighborhood.
- Have a picnic.
- Go bird watching.
- Hike through the woods.
- Go to the beach.
- Watch a sunset.
- Find a non-profit that you are passionate about and get involved.
- Play “Design on a Dime” and change up a room in your home
– swap out towels, placemats, flower vases, etc. and recreate a room with stuff you already have.
- Make crafts that can later be given as holiday gifts.
- Make a home movie.
- Make sock puppets.
- Have your kids put on a play.
- Write a letter to a friend or family member (preserve the lost art of hand-written notes).
- Plant an indoor herb garden.
- Scrapbook.
- Play board games.
- Put a puzzle together.
- Listen to music.
- Plan an at-home spa day.
- Borrow a DVD from the library or rent a $1.00 movie at BlockBuster Express or Redbox.
- Read a book or magazine.
- Take a nap.
- Find free games to play online.
- Connect with friends on Facebook.
- Reconnect with an old friend and send them an email.
- Pile up in the car and go for a ride in the country.
- Learn how to juggle.
- Make a video for "Funniest Home Videos".
- Take up competitive chess.
- Go for a walk in the park.
- Study something part-time that's always caught your interest.
- Invite someone for a game of tennis.
- Go for a ride on a bike.
- Spend an afternoon looking through your old photos and organizing them.
- Go to an art gallery for a browse.
- See what's on at your local theatre go check it out.
- Go to the top of a nearby mountain and check out the view.
- Call an old friend you haven't spoken to for a while to see how they're doing.
- Go to the local cinema and take in a film.
- Go bowling.
- Dance.
- Challenge yourself to learn a foreign language.
- Go to the zoo.
- Paint or draw something.
- Join a public speaking society such as toastmasters.
- Organize a poker evening.
- Go for a swim at your nearest lake, river or beach.
- Kick a football in the local park with a friend.
- Go out to a local festival or carnival.
- Form a book club and meet up to discuss what you've read once a week.
- Go camping.

. . . . . . . . . . .
Week 3 - Track and Snack

Don't forget that this week we are going record everything little snack that we put in our mouths!


Melissa said...

Thanks for all of the great ideas! =)

-J.Darling said...

Great ideas! The only one I'm not quite getting is how to "Have a Picnic" w/o food...

Anonymous said...

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