Monday, April 16, 2012

New Feature: Printer Friendly & PDF Button

Thanks for Pinterest I have had a lot more people visiting my blog for recipes!! It's so exciting to be able to get to know more people out there in the blogging world!!

This weekend, I received an email from Judy through my blog's Facebook page, Living a Changed Life. Judy wanted to know how to print my recipes from my blog. At the time, I did not have anything in place to print recipes directly from my blog.

So, I recently added a new feature to Living a Changed Life that I hope you all love and definitely make use of. It's the little green Print Friendly button on the bottom of each post, and I think you are going to love it!


This print friendly button allows you to make a printable copy of a post and omit anything you don't want to print (pictures, extra text, etc.). You may also turn a post into a PDF. Finally, you can email a post to a friend and omit the images or extra text that you want.

I think that this is going to be a great option for you as you desire to keep recipes that you find on my blog! It is also nice that you can omit pictures, because there might be quite a few pictures that you do not necessarily need to print.

Happy Printing!!

Interested in getting this plugin for your own blog? You can get the Printer Friendly & PDF button right here for free!


Michelle said...

WOW - Thank you so much - I'm still learning and didn't know how to do this. Now I have on my blog :) Have a great day

Melissa Bo said...

Great idea! =)

The Food Pusher said...

Hi! I have a question for you: I've also installed a "print friendly" button just like yours on my blog, but I have found that it often omits ingredients and text when I try to print out recipes. It doesn't happen every time, but it worries me that people might be getting my recipes wrong that they print out. I'm going to attempt to contact the people who created the button, but I wanted to see if anyone else is having this same problem. Thanks! Oh, and you have a great blog! I love the pics of your metamorphosis! :)


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