Monday, November 7, 2011

Weight Watchers Success Event

I hope that you all had a great weekend! It's was a good, but busy weekend for us.

A Weight Watchers center was recently opened in my town. All of our Weight Watchers meetings were moved to one location. As a result our Territory Manager decided that we should host an Open House at our new center. This Open House would give us a chance to introduce ourselves to the community.

This past Saturday after leading my weekly Weight Watchers meeting, I had to help get ready for the Open House which was from 2-4pm. After the Open House we were scheduled to have our Annual Weight Watchers Success Stories Event. Like I said, it was a busy weekend.

The Open House and Success Stories event went really well! The Success Stories event was so inspiring and motivating! I might already be at my goal, but the people who shared their stories reminded me why I love working for Weight Watchers!

Here are pictures from the Open House and Success Stories Event.

We decorated for our Open House

This is where I lead my Weight Watchers meeting.

I had the honor of being able to share my own success story. I was also the emcee of the event which was so much fun!

Jon came to support me! I am so thankful that he supports my weight loss efforts!

Everyone who attended the Success Stories Event received a goody bag.

We had PointsPlus friendly food for people to snack on as well.

Marcy and Hilary were outside greeting people as they came in.

Rose and I before the Success Stories Event began. I get to work with Rose on Tuesday nights.

Each Weight Watchers member who shared their success story received a trophy!

We also had door prizes.

Slowly, but surely our center began to fill up with people!

I went first. Like I said it was a honor to be able to have a story to share with others.

Me and my fat pants...I've changed for much!

Ms. Irene she even brought in rocks as a visual to show everyone just how much weight she had lost.

Lindsay attends my Saturday meeting and I was so happy to hear her story!

Barbara just reached Lifetime and her energy and enthusiasm is contagious!

Tim has lost 131 pounds! He is only 10 pounds away from his goal weight! He was incredible!

There goes Irene's husband with her weight in rocks. Do you see them in the wagon?

This even would not have happened without Amanda! I am so blessed to be able to work with her!

Amanda and her hubby Trent

Jon and me after the event

They even gave me a trophy! What a blessing!

Like I said, Tim has lost 131 pounds and his wife Melanie has lost about 50 pounds.

Tim used to wear that jacket when he first attended Weight they can both wear it!

Our 2011 Success Stories! So inspiring!!

I am so excited about next year's event!!

If you would like to see pictures from last year's success event, click here.

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mrsmarkdave said...

Oh My. That jacket is AMAZING!!!! They even both got their arms in it! Congratulations to him.
Thanks for posting about this. I've really been struggling with this weight loss. I did FANTASTIC in the month of September, and I just can not get motivated to keep on. However, I am motivated enough to not give up. But I need motivation for more than just that.


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