Thursday, November 8, 2018

Hong Kong Q & A: Weather, Safety, and the People

Incase you did not know, Instagram is my favorite social media platform. You can follow me at @JenNewsham, where I post pictures and stories daily. Just a few weeks ago, on my stories, I asked people what they would like to know about our life in Hong Kong. 

I received so many incredible questions!! 

Needless to say, it’s going to take a few blog posts to answer all of your questions. In addition, if you have more questions about our life in Hong Kong, please leave a comment below and I will try my best to answer your questions as I have time.

Currently, the weather in Hong Kong is BEAUTIFUL!! 

It is fall and this is the nicest time of year for Hong Kong. The rainy season has passed, so most days we enjoy the blue sky and weather in the high 70s. It’s humid, but nothing like it will be once the weather starts to creep up again. During the summer, Hong Kong is very hot and humid, a lot like Houston, TX. We’re trying to enjoy this weather while we have it, because it won’t last long.  

The Chinese people that we have encountered in Hong Kong have been very kind. When we’re out and about out family causes quite a spectacle. People get so excited to see the twins and can’t believe that we have a total of 5 girls. Most people in Hong Kong aren’t used to seeing large families. 

Just yesterday while I was waiting for Jon to finish shopping, a group of older Chinese ladies walked by me and the twins. At first, they only noticed Zoey. However, as I turned the stroller towards them, they caught a glimpse of Evelyn and realized that they were twins. Instantly, they were overjoyed at the sight of two babies. Unfortunately, they talked to me in Cantonese and I couldn’t understand them. 

Even though I can’t speak Cantonese, I’m a Mommy and I speak baby, which is an international language. That’s right, just from their body language I could tell they were so excited about the babies. They hung around for a while going on about the twins. Thankfully, a Chinese man walked by who did speak English and he was kind enough to translate for us. He was just as excited about the babies as the ladies. I was so thankful for his kindness.

That’s just one example of how we have been blessed by the kindness of the Chinese people since we moved to Hong Kong.  

The short answer is yes, we feel very safe. Before moving to Hong Kong, I did some research online, which said that Hong Kong is one of the safest place to live in the world. That was nice to hear, but I’ve still tried to take that with a grain of salt. We do our best to take precautions for possible pickpockets and make sure to have the girls hold hands when we’re in a very crowded place. Overall, we have felt very safe. 

Honestly, I told Jon that I have been more afraid of the bugs, rats, and geckos, which are more likely to get in my house.  

It's been fun to be able to answer your questions. Like I said before, please leave me a comment or send me an email with an addition questions about our life in Hong Kong.

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Allison Yancey said...

So great to hear how well things are going there! Are the girls learning to speak any Cantonese, being surrounded by the language and culture?


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