Wednesday, February 12, 2014

My 8 Minute Workout

My week has been filled with trial and error, as I try to figure out the best schedule for myself and my girls. Not only am I responsible to take care of my girls, but I also need to continue to work full time from home. I am doing my best to strip my day down to the bare minimum, so that I have enough time to work. In addition, I am evaluating my activities to see which ones are too important for me to cut out.

Something I plan to keep a part of our schedule is exercise.

Typically, as a family, we enjoy going for a walk to the pond. However, it is winter and I have two babies, which means our family walks have been put on hold until it warms up a bit. I would not want us to catch a cold.

In an effort to start working out at home, I dusted off my :08 min. Abs VHS! I have other workout videos that I could have picked instead so let me just shed some light onto why I chose this one.

Time - like I said before, I am a Mama of two little girls. I barely have time to take a shower, let alone workout. So, I needed a workout video that would not take a lot of time. This video is great, because it's only 8 minutes long.

No Equipment Needed - this is not a workout that I have to do when the girls are asleep, because I need the entire living room to myself. This morning, I just shoved the toys out of my way and made enough space so that I could lay down and do my workout.

Routine - at this point in time, I am not convinced that this video will give me abs like those featured on the VHS cover. However, this workout can help me to continue to keep exercise a part of my daily routine. Over the next few months, I might only have 8 minutes for my workout and that's okay. Those 8 minutes might be able to grow into more workout time. The key is for me to continue to exercise, so that I will continue to make time to workout.

Being An Example - as a mother of two girls it is my responsibility to teach them how to lead a healthy lifestyle. Part of that lifestyle includes exercising on a daily basis. By exercising at home, my girls get to watch me and learn that it can be fun to do crunches.


Racheal Kendrick said...

I would highly recommend you download the 7 minute workout app on your phone.

It is a lifesaver to a new mom like me.

No equipment required. Seven minutes, and your heart is pumping!

Good luck!

Tristan said...

I am looking for more workout ideas to fit in too! I'm a momma to eight children ages 12 years down to 7 months old. My days are filled with homeschooling, life in general, and a host of medical appointments for my 7th child, who was born with Spina Bifida. In February we had over 20 medical appointments!

I've been losing slow and steady the last 6 weeks and am sitting at 185.8, the lowest weight I've been since my second child was born.

I have last year's WW materials but can't seem to get motivated to stay on plan and track those points. Any advice? There is no money in the budget to attend meetings or do WW Online right now.

Ooo, and I wanted to mention I love T-Tapp dvds. Have you tried them? Effective moves for tightening and toning. They've really helped me recover from each baby.

-J.Darling said...

I've seen amazing results with HIIT training (High Intensity, Interval Training). No special equipment needed (body weight is PLENTY) and you can vary the movements to suit your scenerio. It's great. You can get a GREAT, all body work out in in 10 minutes! :)


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