Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Learning to Enjoy Healthy Foods


As a child, I never liked yogurt. Every few months, I would ask my Mom to buy me a yogurt from the store. No matter what flavor or brand of yogurt I tried, I never liked it. It took years before I finally acquired a taste for yogurt. However, even then I only liked Yoplait strawberry yogurt mixed with crunchy granola. To this day, I still do not like eating yogurt all by itself without something mixed in with it.

It was an even bigger accomplishment when I finally tried, and liked, Greek yogurt. When I first started trying Greek yogurt my favorite Greek yogurt was Chobani. I shared about this in a blog post back in November 2013, "My New Favorite...Greek Yogurt". I really enjoy the flavored Greek yogurts with the fruit at the bottom and as you might have guessed, I add granola to my Greek yogurt as well.

I'm sure that there are "healthier" ways to eat Greek yogurt. However, right now, I would not eat Greek yogurt that way, at least not yet. Isn't it better that I eat flavored Greek yogurt with granola than none at all?

I honestly think it's better to eat a modified version of healthy foods than none at all. For me, it is yogurt, but maybe for you it's something else that you've been unwilling to try. Maybe you don't like vegetables. That's okay! Why don't you try dipping your veggies in a lite dressing? Like I said before, I believe it's better to eat the veggies with dressing than to not eat them at all.

Is there a food out there that you've been unwilling to try? What can you add to it or pair it with to make it more appealing to you?

Remember that creating healthy habits do not happen overnight! Creating healthy habits takes trial and error & time. So be patient with yourself and don't be so quick to turn down foods that are good for you.


Andrea B. said...

I do not like oatmeal. But I tried overnight oats (http://www.pbfingers.com/2012/01/09/how-to-make-overnight-oats/) and found that I really liked them. What a surprise!

Nicku said...

Agreed! We've been trying all sorts of new things like kale, spaghetti squash, quinoa and making more vegan meals. My fave Greek yogurt is Open Nature at Safeway and I am loving Noosa yogurt too (in moderation!).

Susan Smith said...

I like to put some Grape Nuts cereal in my strawberry yogurt for crunch and less points than granola.

Angela ~ Call Her Blessed said...

I am posting a delicious recipe using Greek yogurt today! We love it around here.

Melissa @ My Recent Favorite Books said...

I like yogurt, and your additions sound great! =)

~ dee ~ said...

Try the Yoplait Greek 100 Yogurt - Vanilla. Toss in some strawberries, or a banana, or anything. Tastes like whipped cream!

Amy said...

I just came across your blog on Pinterest and am heading right on over to Bloglovin' to add it to my reading list.

I am in the midst of my own weight loss journey right now.

I completely agree, I am not a yogurt fan, but I found a greek yogurt I love. It's not a low calorie version, but I just account for that. It's a great source of protein and if the extra calories is what makes it more enjoyable, then so be it.


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