Monday, December 3, 2012

Weekly Weigh In - Weight Watchers 360°


I do not want to take too much time sharing about my weight, because I would like to talk about the new Weight Watchers 360° program. As you can see I lost this past week. Honestly, I can't believe I lost, because last week was so stressful. However, I am excited to be moving in the right direction!

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Weight Watchers 360°


I am so excited about the new Weight Watchers 360° program!! At your local Weight Watchers meeting you will be introduced to this new program. In addition, if you visit the Weight Watchers website it will look very different than it did last week. I tried to warn you that change was coming to the Weight Watchers program!

All throughout the week I will be sharing with you about this new program. I will also be hosting a Weight Watchers 360° Giveaway throughout the month of December 2012. Be sure to check back tomorrow to read more about it!

Please don't panic. The new Weight Watchers 360° program is builds on the PointsPlus program. So, you will still have PointsPlus values for your food. However, after their study of "hedonic" hunger Weight Watchers discovered that eating healthy is not enough.

Hedonic hunger is the desire to seek out high-sugar, high-fat foods that bring pleasure. This so-called “hedonic” eating system is the wiring in our brains that causes us to over-respond to trigger foods, crave them, and then get a shot of dopamine when we get them. Miller-Kovach says. "It can drive a person to overeat when those types of foods are available. You have to control your environment to avoid that drive."

Weight Watchers 360° is the answer to this most recent research regarding hedonic hunger. In this new program, Weight Watchers is all about:

1. Tracking (PointsPlus): making the smart food/activity choice
2. Spaces: making those choices easy
3. Routines: making those choices second nature

These three areas of focus will help us to reshape our environments in addition to our eating habits, so that making healthy choices becomes second nature to us. The longer we follow the program the easier it will become!

To read in more about the new Weight Watchers 360° program check out this blog post from Weight Watchers CEO, David Kirchoff.


Paula Johnstonbaugh said...

I just got back from my WW meeting. I think I'm going to like the 360 program. I really like the new Deluxe Members Kit. I will have to remember to put my checkbook in my purse so I can buy one next week. I love the measuring cups that come with it.

Stephanie said...

Good job on your weight loss! Will be checking back.


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