Thursday, December 6, 2012

Ultimate Weight Watchers 360° Kit

Introducing the new 2013 Member Kit!

Ultimate Weight Watchers 360° Kit

Weight Watchers has done away with their old member kits. They now offer an Ultimate Weight Watchers 360° kit with 9 fabulous new tools to help you be successful in your weight loss journey. This kit is so much better than the old member kits that they use to sell. I never bought the old kit, but I would buy one of these.

My favorite tool in this kit are the Collapsible Measuring Cups! On the Weight Watchers program, I have learned to measure almost everything I eat. I have always wanted a set of measuring cups like this and I am so glad that Weight Watchers has included them in their kit.

Below is a list of the 9 tools that you recieve in your Ultimate Weight Watchers 360° kit along with a reason for two about how they will help you.

1. Neoprene Holder: compatible for iPads, Kindles, and more!
          - 3 exciting designs with broad range of appeal!

2. Success Handbook: Written by Weight Watchers Leader, Liz Josefsberg, this book is designed to support our members on their 360° journey, help them discover strategies to success, pinpoint temptation busters and more.

3. TRACK: Completely redesigned tracker that also accommodates 12 weeks of planning to help you stay on the 360° plan week after week. Take a look, and start using it.

4. What to Eat Now: Whether looking for a meal idea or quick snack solution, this book is packed with 12 weeks of easy recipes, shopping lists and best bets. Finally, it's all in one place!

5. Collapsible Measuring Cups: Full set of silicone measuring cups; easy to store and super useful.

6. PointsPlus Fitness DVD sampler: A full workout featuring Jennifer Cohen to give members a taste of the PointsPlus Fitness Series and incorporating activity into their Weight Watchers plan.

7. Body Measuring Tape: Who sayys the scale is the only way to track success? Another great tool to help members tracks progress, see results and keep them motivated. Keep a log in your Success Handbook!

8. PointsPlus Stickers: A fun way to tag their own foods at home.

9. Over $20 in Coupons, including a coupon for a Free PointsPlus Calculator and Calculator Skin! Who doesn't love coupons?!? 


Heather said...

I went to my weight watchers meeting last night and was really excited to hear about the new kits. I really love the case. It seems so much easier to carry around with you than the old one's.

Gretchen said...

If I only do WW online, can I still go in & purchase this?

Tania Herrera said...

Do you know how much it costs? I missed my last weight watchers meeting so i didn't get to hear about the 360 program :(

Tania Herrera said...

Do you know how much it costs? I missed my last weight watchers meeting so i didn't get to hear about the 360 program :(

Shawnaprimadonna said...

Tania...they are between $34.95 to $39.95. Total bargain for such a great collection of awesome weight loss tools!

Virginia Hamm said...

I personally hate the new kit!!! I don't need a cookbook or a book to ramp up my moral! I want more practical information. I prefer the old kits that provided the books that give you the point values for foods or eating out. I was really angry when I bought a new kids only to discover those books are no longer included in the kit. To me, the other items they offer now in the new kit are just to fluff the package!


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