Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Using My Yoga Pants for Yoga


This past weekend, for the first time ever, I actually used my Old Navy yoga Capri pants to do yoga!! Since becoming pregnant my yoga Capri pants are one of my favorite pair of pants to wear. I come home from work and change right into my yoga Capri pants, because they are so comfortable!!

The truth is that I have been wearing these pants for years. I like to workout in these pants and I even wore them when I participated in my various 5K runs. However, I have never used them for yoga. The only type of yoga that I've ever done is on the Wii Fit and I don't really think that counts.

I have been doing a lot to stay fit and active throughout my pregnancy, because people say that it helps you during labor. Exercising is also supposed to help you recover more quickly after you have your baby. So, since January 2012, I've been walking like crazy! I have been extremely intentional about walking as much as I can, because I know it is so healthy for me and Olivia.


I'm going to continue to walk until Olivia is born. However, this past weekend I purchased a DVD called, Prenatal Yoga. Yoga is supposed to help you during labor and delivery, so I thought it would be the perfect exercise to add to my schedule in these final 11 weeks before Olivia is born.

This past Saturday, I went through about 20 minutes of the video. It was so good!! I am excited to be able to work my way up to the entire 50 minutes. This might not be my first choice for working out, but I hope that it becomes something that I will continue to do even after Olivia is born!!

Have you tried any new exercises recently? Tell me what you tried and whether or not you liked it.


TaraLynn said...

Won't be long now until your due date. Good job of keeping up with your food plan and exercising.

Kathy said...

Started water aerobics! Love it!! Took a lot of courage to purchase that suit even more so to put it on and go out in public...but it's been a great thing!


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