Monday, October 17, 2011

Weight Watchers Awards Meeting 2011

Saturday after my morning Weight Watchers meeting, I rushed home to change into something beautiful, because I had to get ready for the annual Weight Watchers Awards Meeting.

The meeting was held at a restaurant called, Traditions. Weight Watchers employees from all over East Texas came together to celebrate our achievements! It was a time to honor those people who have gone above and beyond what is asked of them. It is always nice to get together and visit with other Weight Watchers leaders that I do not see very often.

To become a Weight Watchers employee, you have to lose weight and reach your goal with Weight Watchers. I love this about Weight Watchers! On Saturday, I was reminded of this fact. It was so special to be in a room of people who had so many different weight loss stories to tell. We might all be Weight Watchers leaders and receptionists, but we were members first. I do not ever want to forget that and lose my compassion towards the current members who walk in to my meeting every week.

Here are some pictures from Saturday.

In the car on our way to the annual Weight Watchers Awards ceremony!

Weight Watchers Awards Meeting 2011

Rose, Amanda, Sherry and I waiting for our lunch

Doesn't my lunch look yummy!

The cute table decorations

Jan, my Territory Manager, made all of the announcements!

They made all of the new leaders stand up, which was me!

Amanda got a Superstar award, because she is truly a SUPERSTAR!

I just love this girl!

This is my Weight Watchers team!! I am truly blessed to work with such wonderful women!

These are the ladies that I work with on Tuesday night...Amanda and Rose!


mrsmarkdave said...

Wow. that's really neat! Congratulations on all of your accomplishments!

The Toll House Cookie said...

I have a lot of respect for those of you who not only reach goal but want to share that success with others when you move on to leadership! Thanks for all you do to see that OUR success is achieveable.


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