Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Civil War Ball Story

Alright, here are some details about the Civil War Ball.

After Jon and I first arrived in China his family informed us, that if we wanted to, we could participate in the home school hosted, Civil War Ball. My first question was whose Civil War are we talking about. They explained that it was an American Civil War Ball in China. Awesome!

The worst part of it all is that they did not tell us about the ball before we arrived! I never expected that I would need to pack fancy clothes for a ball. I am good at being prepared, but no one could see that one coming.

There were a lot of things I needed to get: a dress, shoes, hoop, jewelry, make-up, gloves, shawl, and something for my hair!

Right away I tried on my sister-in-law's dress to see if it would fit. You see the Chinese are short, small, and petite. That's not your typical American build. I tried on Hannah's dress and to our surprise it fit!! Isn't it pretty?

Now that we knew I could fit into a Chinese dress we made a trip to the Northern Market to go dress hunting. It took a long time to find what I wanted, because I am really picky. But that's okay. We found a beautiful dress! Then, Jon went shopping with his parents and found a tuxedo that matched perfectly!


*~Sarah Lynn~* said...

Beautiful! :)

Marlene said...

Beautiful dress! Kind of reminds me of my bridesmaid dresses all those many years ago. Our color was red and the fabric looked kind of like that. Fun memories!

AmandaJane said...

that is such a cool thing for school children in China to have! I love your outfits, y'all make a great looking "southern" couple! :)


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