Friday, November 12, 2010

Flashback Friday: Weight Watchers Points

I have heard this a lot this week about change coming to the Weight Watchers program. Even as I logged into my Weight Watchers account I saw this nice blue square that reads, "Something New Is Coming Soon"

For our Flashback today, I want to remind us of what the Weight Watchers points are like now.

This is the current Weight Watchers points equation. We look at calories, fat, and fiber. It sounds simple enough.

However, there is change on the horizon.

This video from the CEO of Weight Watchers tells me that they have found a better way to do the points system. On November 28th Weight Watchers is unveiling their new program nation-wide. They are excited to announce the first major change in the Weight Watchers program in 13 years.

I do not know how you are with change, but I am always hesitant toward change when it first happens. Ever since I watched this video earlier this week I have been nervous that Weight Watchers is changing. It's been so disappointing, because I love Weight Watchers.

What I have realized is that I also assume that change is a negative thing that happens in my life. The truth of the matter is that I trust the Weight Watchers program. I have lost over 90 pounds on this program and if they say there is a better way to do points then I am going to at least listen to what they have to say.

I hope you will too! I will miss the old points system, because it is familiar. However, my Sunday school teacher says that my comfort zone is never my growth zone. I do not want to stop growing and learning while I strive to maintain my weight loss.

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mrsmarkdave said...

I'm also skeptical, but I will certainly listen.

Living a Changed Life said...

MrsMarkDave - I just hate that they make us wait like this. I wish I knew now. :)

Moving Mertle said...

You've done great and you'll keep doing great don't worry. I think the big thing about weight watchers is keeping you accountable with food and encouraged with meetings and friends. So there may be foods worth less point or some worth more but you clearly know what you need to do! You will also always have the support in your meetings and here in blogland. Keep up the good work! and try not to worry about a little change.

Living a Changed Life said...

Moving Mertle - Thanks for your encouragement! Weight Watchers is more than just points, but it's about my lifestyle. I'm sure it will be good!

Sarah - Fat Little Legs said...

This is completely freaking me out too!!! I hate change. I love the program that I've lost 109+ pounds on, and I don't want something new. But you are right... change is not always bad, and my Weight Watchers leader is telling me don't worry about it until you know the details.

Britney said...

First of all, Congrats on losing 90 lbs., you're the bomb dot com! I'm also back on WW after having my son in July & previously losing 50 lbs on the program. I'm a bit skeptical too but I guess if it helps all of us be bigger better "losers" then I'm for it =) Can't wait to keep up with you on your journey. Good Luck!

Living a Changed Life said...

Sarah - Don't freak out. Congrats on losing 109+ pounds on the Weight Watchers program. I agree with your leader, we should hear about the details first.

Britney - Thanks! Congrats on your weight loss!! I just want the specifics and I will feel better.

Losing Brownies said...

I don't do well with change either. I'm also in the camp that it is usually negative. I hope that is not the case with the changes. You'll have to let us in on the changes when they roll out!

Living a Changed Life said...

Losing Brownies - Oh I will let you know what I think when I learn more about the new program.

Kimberlynn said...

I was feeling a bit panicked when I heard this news, so I did a little research. What I found was very positive. If what I've been reading is correct, we will still be doing a points system, but the points will include more than just the fat, fiber, and calories. This will more accurately reflect not only what we're eating, but the quality of those foods. So if you want to live on junk, it will cost you more. Also, I've read that fruit will be free....wooohoooo!!!

I hope I'm not passing along any information that's not accurate, but from what I've read this is the program they've tested out in the UK with great success. I'm actually looking forward to it now!!!


Heather Nicole said...

A friend of mine who is a receptionist at a local WW group told me today about a few of the changes.

1) we will have more points
2) certain foods will cost more points
3) yes, fruit will be free!

Change can be scary, but just look what taking a step in the direction of scary looks like today...we've all lost weight! Starting a new lifestyle is a scary thing, but if we can do that, we can do this!

*S said...

I too am worried. I've only been doing weight watchers since July and have only 4.4lbs to go until goal. I don't want change. I like how the program has worked for me thus far. I will of course listen. But definitely skeptical at this point..

Living a Changed Life said...

Kimberlynn - Thanks for the great information!! That is encouraging!!

Heather Nicole - Thanks for sharing! I am looking forward to getting all the details.

*S - It will be a hard adjustment, but I hope that it makes our weight loss results even better!


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