Thursday, August 19, 2010

My Tools for Weight Loss

I question that I hear often is, “how did you do it?”. That’s one of the main reasons I began blogging. I knew that this was the easiest way to share what I have learned with a large group of people. This blog post started out as an ode to my lunchbox, because I finally broke down and bought one and am very excited about it. However, as I began to write I realized that there are people out there who might be curious to know what I consider my top five tools for Weight Loss. I’m not just talking about the scale to weigh myself on weekly at my Weight Watchers meeting, though that is helpful. I am talking about tools that I use every day that I could not live without! That even though I am in the maintenance phase of my weight loss I still cannot live without using these items once a day or more.

These are in no particular order, I think that each of them are crucial to be successful at Weigh Loss.

Measuring Cups and Spoons

Since I have joined Weight Watchers I have become so attached to my measuring cups and spoons, that I cannot live without them! I have two sets of them!! I have told my husband that I rely on measuring cups so much that I wish I could carry them in my purse. Imagine how great it would be to go to a restaurant and measure your food, so you can know exactly what you are eating. I have also considered investing in a third pair of cups and spoons so that I can keep one of them at work. Measuring is key! If I do not know how much I am eating I will not be able to track my points very well. This past Saturday, Jon went with me to a Pampered Chef party and ordered me a new solid and liquid measuring cup!! I can’t wait until to get here.

Ziploc Bags

I am trying to imagine my life without these and it is not pretty. I use Ziploc Bags all the time!! I use every shape and size of Ziploc bag. I use the Ziploc snack bags most often. When I get home from the store, I portion out all my food. For example: 1 cup of grapes or 1 cup of Cheerios. By doing this, it will be easier to grab healthy foods when I am hungry. If I prepare ahead of time it helps me to have more self control later on, because I went to all the trouble preparing it and I do not want my food going to waste.

My Food Tracker

For the majority of my Weight Loss journey I have used Weight Watchers online food tracker and even as a Lifetime member I cannot live without this tool. I love being able to track my food online and now Weight Watchers has an App, so I can track my food from my phone! I love it. It is so helpful to be able to enter in recipes that I have on the Recipe Builder and find out how many points each serving is going to be. It helps me know how much water I am drinking. It also helps me to keep track of my weight loss, it is all in the same place. You’re weight loss tracker does not have to look like mine and if you would like more information on a free tracker please, click here. If you are not writing down what you eat, it is not likely that you will be successful in your weight loss efforts. So Start Tracking!!

My Weekly Weight Watchers Meeting

I get so much encouragement from my weekly Weight Watchers meetings. I also get good ideas and learn about new low point foods from other members. I have gotten so many recipes. I learn more about what it looks like to live a healthy life and I now get to be an encouragement to others on their journey. I do not believe that anyone can lose a large amount of weight and keep it off on their own. You must have a support system and/or accountability partner to help pick you up when you fall down. All of us have gains, but it is those people who help us get back on track that are irreplaceable. We need people to remind us why we began this journey in the first place. If you are losing weight online that is great, but try to find a buddy that can help you along the way!

Fresh Fruit

I cannot make it through a week without buying and eating fresh fruit. I eat apples, strawberries, grapes, kiwis, peaches, mango, pineapple and more. Eating fruit at any meal is a regular occurrence for me. It is very filling, which is a major plus! It can also satisfy my sweet cravings. It is juicy and tastes so refreshing. I will try any fruit out there! If you are not eating a lot of fresh fruit I would encourage you to do so, because I have found it to be something that I just cannot live without.

For additional pointers, check out my Helpful Tips page. I would love to hear about the things that you cannot live without. Please email me your ideas and/or comments.


Mrs. O said...

I so wish that my local weight watchers meetings were good. They are just NOT. That's why I'm doing it online. That's also why I wanted to get online to find friends/buddies because I don't have the support of weekly meetings.
Mrs. O

The Newsham's said...

Good Morning Mrs. O,
That is so good that you are seeking support from online buddies!

Dawn B said...

Thanks for sharing - what a great post! I especially like the photo aspect of the blog.

SexyLizzi said...

Great ideas, Jen. And your journey is an amazing have done great and I know you are going to keep it off for life, as you are dedicated. Good job, girl!

Danielle Hawes said...

Thanks for the tips!

I have been using Ziplocs like they are going out of style! Any snack foods, I measure out the portions. It makes a huge difference! Ryan loves it too, because he can just grab one and know just how many points are there!

Living a Changed Life said...

You're welcome Danielle! We go through tons of Ziploc bags too! That's great that you have found something that works so well for you.

kimandduane said...

What an incredible journey you've been on! I, too, have found success through Weight Watchers. It took me 22 months to lose 120 pounds, and I have maintained that loss for over two years now. I rely on many of the same tools as you--online WW recipes, WW meetings, and support from friends. Since my transformation, I have wanted to share what I've learned with others that struggle in that area too. Thank you for posting your story...I am new to blogging, and will some day sit down and write out how my life has been transformed too! Blessings to you!

Living a Changed Life said...

kimandduane - Congrats on your weight loss! 120 pounds lost is amazing!! I can't wait to read about how your life has been transformed through weight loss.


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