Saturday, August 28, 2010

Fighting Temptation

I have received some questions recently about how I am able to resist temptation and make healthy food choices. So when I found myself tempted this evening I decided to share my experience with you. To be completely honest, I have eaten more then I should have today. It is always harder for me to watch what I eat on the weekend, because I never really know what my schedule will look like. I need to get better at that, but that's a different story for another time.

Tonight, while Jon was at work, I went to the grocery store. For the most part I stocked up on healthy foods for this next week. As a special treat, I decided to buy some Pillsbury Orange Sweet Rolls for my husband. He is not on Weight Watchers and really doesn't need to be. The sweet rolls come in a tube and when I got home they had opened. I did not want to throw them away so I decided to bake them and save them for when Jon got home from work.

Those sweet rolls smelled so good as they baked and I really wanted to eat one. There it is, do you see it? Temptation. That's right at that moment when I wanted one of those sweet rolls temptation had entered my brain.

Then came the debate between temptation and logic.

Here are the things I knew:
1. I knew that because I was alone that I would end up eating more than one roll.

2. I thought of my new clothes that I just bought yesterday! I went shopping and found a pair of pants and a dress that were both on clearance. I was so excited about getting new clothes. I don't want to out grow my new clothes before I even get to wear them.

3. I thought about you, my readers. I have been so encouraged by your feedback and willingness to open up to me and I did not want to betray that trust.

4. I knew that I had other snacks to eat for dessert. I had just gone to the store to stock up on low points snacks and this would be the perfect time to eat them!

5. Finally, I knew that I had already eaten too much today and that if I had planned better it would be okay to eat these sweet rolls. But I had chosen to eat other things instead.

The timer went off for the sweet rolls. I pulled them out of the oven and iced them. Don't they look deliciously deadly! I am proud to say that I did not eat one, they are all in the fridge waiting for Jon to come home. Then I pulled out my camera to start taking pictures for this blog!

Like I said, I had other things to eat for dessert. This Italian Ice was so good and I did not feel guilty after eating this. As an added bonus it was only 2 points!

So, that was my experience with temptation tonight. I did it! It's not easy. But I have worked for almost two years to develop habits to help me resist temptation. I hope that this encourages you the next time you find yourself tempted to eat something that is not good for your weight loss program. If I can do it, anyone can!!

Just for fun, I thought I would post pictures of my new purse (that was also on clearance)!! I think it is the perfect handbag for fall and it is different from anything else I have ever bought. My favorite part are all the pockets.


Dawn said...

I love this blog! Great job resisting the temptation of the rolls - I too would have had the same temptation. With no one at home, the temptation to eat more than one is just too great!

I brought home dark chocolate MnMs tonight, and immediately (or as soon as I could considering I had three boys and a husband to feed) portioned them out into 100 calorie baggies. I was very tempted to eat from the bag as I portioned - isn't that gross?!? Anyway, I am happy to say that I kept myself to the 100 calorie portion ONLY and all the other baggies are waiting for another day. Hooray!

Living a Changed Life said...

Dawn - Thanks! I try to portion food out as well and I am always tempted to eat it as my fingers are in the open bag. Congrats on only eating your 100 cal portion!! That's awesome!

Anonymous said...

Yours before and after transformation is AMAZING! What an inspiration you are. I am on low carb myself since WW never seems to work for me. However, self control is at the root of any successful weight loss program and you certainly have yourself under CONTROL!

Sharolyn said...

I am so inspired by you! I'm not sure how I found your blog, just recently, must have been though on of the photography/craft blogs, or maybe a comment you left on HG or DWLZ? Not that that matters, I'm just thankful to have found it. I've been "doing" (more like paying for) WW online since the beginning of the yr. I've struggled w/ my weight all my life and know I have to get it undercontrol, for many reasons. Monday night, I will be joining a WW meeting, and this time, by the grace of God, I'm going to make it work! Thank for for blogging and inspiring!

Kelly said...

Love the jeans pics! You are rocking those jeans :)

And WTG on resisting those yummy cinnamon rolls! I make them occasionally for my kids and hubbby and it is hard to resist them. Great job!

Love the dress and purse also!

Anonymous said...

Yay! I'm glad you didn't give into temptation. Thanks for posting on how you stayed focused and made the right choice. I bet it was hard! I made cake pops and bites over the wknd and I am dying here with the temptation. I had to make them because I'm selling them at an event so I wanted to be sure that they'd work out, but now I'm surrouned by them lol. Anyway, I eaten way to many--I won't be making these again until the event and then I can't eat them because they will be for sale!

P.s. You look GREAT in your jeans!

Anonymous said...

Great self-control. I am new to your blog from blogfrog and I am very impressed with your progress. Kepp up the good work. You look great!

Nen said...

you have more will power than i do! (especially now that i am pregnant and craving sweets!)

this is the first time i've read your blog... and it's very encouraging! you look awesome! i did weight watchers for awhile 2 yrs ago... and i lived on italian ice for my sweet fix! (i even found a different brand than luigi's that was only 1 point!) i lost 17 lbs in 3 months (with very little exercise--i loathe exercise!)... and perhaps i'll have to get on the wagon again after i have my baby! you're an inspiration!

Living a Changed Life said...

IntentionalFamily - Thank you for your kind words!

Sharolyn - I am so excited for you to join the WW meetings! The hardest step can be walking through that door and admitting that something has to change. Please keep me updated on your journey.

Kelly - I knew you would be happy! I am glad I'm not the only one who can't resist those silly cinnamon rolls.

Jaime - You're welcome. It was hard. But I remembered emailing you and I really wanted to think through the temptation process to see how I could resist.

Tracy - Thanks for stopping by!!

Nen - Thanks for sharing some of your weight loss story with me. I will have to look for that 1 point Italian Ice. When are you due?

Mrs. O said...

I don't know what happenned to my comment I left on Saturday...bummer! Anyway...great post! A lot of small good decisions and focusing on your goals really can make a difference!
Mrs. O

Living a Changed Life said...

Mrs. O - Thanks for the comment! Sometimes my comments page is strange. Yes, all the little things really do add up!

Chelle said...

Way to go, Idaho! (Sorry, couldn't resist using a movie quote.=) Love the jeans pictures. Thanks for sharing pictures of the purse. You are right, it's not your usual, but it's nice. I like all the pockets too. I think it works for you! I hope you enjoy it and I totally wish I would have been there with you. I have been thinking about getting a new purse here. =)

Monique said...

Good for you that you lost so much weight. You look amazing

Living a Changed Life said...

Chelle - Thanks!! I loved the movie quote thrown in there. If you buy a purse there you have to take pictures to show me. I can't wait to see what you find.

Monique - Thank you!


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